Pray With Us: Loved

Pray With Us: Loved


Dear God,


I have sat this week and pondered myself in my enemy state. This has not felt natural to me. In fact, it’s felt ____________________________.


The world tells me, “I’m incredible!” One scroll through Pinterest and a canvas art reminds me that, “The world is lucky to have me!” I’m one TV show away from knowing I’m a “good enough person.”


And every single one of those sayings are true — “post – You.”


Every single one of those sayings is true because You died for me. “Pre-me” never deserved God Almighty’s unconditional love lavished on me while I was still your enemy. “Pre-me” caused a wedge between myself and all Your majesty. “Pre-me” was a woman full of guilt and dirt and sin.


But then…




You sent Your Son for me because You loved me.


You sent Your son for when I _____________________________________. And when I __________________________. And when I ____________________________________. You looked on tenderly each time I caused more of a wedge between You and me, and You quietly beckoned me to Your Throne.


Because You have something so much better than a catchphrase on a piece of paper. You have a new white gown for me. And I pray my life erupts in praise as I drop every piece of guilt clinging to my already free body.


I hear it dropping.


This guilt: ___________________________ That guilt: ___________________________ And this one: _________________________


I praise you, Father.



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