Year of Calling: Do Good Works

Week 31 Word: Do Good Works

Week 31 Text: Ephesians 2:10

Written By: Chrystan Ferrell

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” (Ephesians 2:10 NLT)

I have a dear, dear friend. She actually started as my boss and grew into a friend. She was a lovely boss to have and an even greater friend and mentor. I don’t want to talk about her work life, but her “works life” instead.  

My friend, (we’ll call her Kathy because that’s her name), is a devout Catholic. She really loves Jesus, and she also really loves her people. Not only does she serve her family and friends well, but she serves her church and community really well. I want to tell you the secret to her service: Kathy’s service is an overflow of the love that’s in her heart. She loves God and she loves others. This is evident in the way she lives her life, and it’s evident in all aspects of her life.

That’s the thing about works. They are to be an overflow of the love that we have for God. I imagine this as a fountain–God pouring His love into us.

Let me pause right here. I want to shout from the roof tops and shake all of you, to get into your brains that your heavenly Father is over the moon for you. He audaciously loves you! I mean, literally, you take His breath away. So, let’s just move forward with a skip in our step and a cheesy smile on our faces, knowing that the Creator of all the things looks on us with abundant love.

So, God loves us so much that He is pouring Himself out on us. Just lavishing us with His love and His presence and His good words. When He pours out on us, we in turn can pour right back out on others.

What does this look like? It can be through teaching God’s word, feeding the people, caring for orphans, loving on widows, and many other acts of service you are called to do. It is an outpouring…just like one basin of that fountain fills and flows into the next.

It says in our verse that we are created anew in Christ, and He planned things for us to do. We were a forethought! He thought of us ahead of time and planned things for you and me from the beginning. It’s the sweetest love story ever!  And in any love relationship there needs to be time spent with each other.

So can I just take a minute to remind you of something? Time spent with the Lord is never wasted time. He is our fountainhead. During this time you will hear from Him, and He will pour into you so you can pour out on others. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to be loved on well. Get in the word and start meeting with your Father. When we get in the word, God teaches and leads us. From that leading and the outpouring of this great love, good works will overflow as our response to Him.

Application Questions:

  1. Reflect on your current life stage. Where do you see good works evident? Where do you see them lacking?
  2. Meet with God this week in a quiet space. Open your hands and heart. Ask Him to meet with you and reveal where good works can flow in your life. He will show you in His time, but you must be a willing partner. Keep your eyes open to where God is working, and meet Him there.