A Call to Worship and How it Could be the Calling that Heals You

Imperfectly Brave

Lean in, sweet friend. Listen close as Diana Dunne shares the power of worship. The gift of music and the power it has to heal our dry and cracked places. 


I am what some might call a “yardener.” In other words, while I don’t grow things (like food or flowers), I putter in the yard, occasionally doing hand-to-hand combat with the weeds that love my lawn.

Do you know the satisfaction of getting one out with the whole root attached? I do. The secret is to wait until after a good soaking rain. Then the ground is softer; that ugly weed slips right out of the soil. With no stubborn root buried beneath the surface, it won’t grow back.

Sometimes I feel like my life is a bit like my yard–full of weeds and struggling to stay green during life’s hot summer. I work and I struggle, but everything is hard and dry. I need rain. For me, worship is spiritual rain.


Imperfectly Brave
{photo credit | Unsplash |Mihail Ribkin}


You see, I can work and work in my heart’s garden. I can pull and tug at all the things that shouldn’t be there. And sometimes I can get it looking pretty good–on the surface. But as time goes by, and all those ugly, unwanted, ungodly things pop up again. Why? The root was still there. The ground was dry and hard, and all I got was the top part.

But when I worship, the Lord drenches me with His love, his words of encouragement and yes, conviction, and I am refreshed. I am renewed. The music steals into the secret places of my heart, and I find myself yielding to the Master “gardener,” letting Him weed and prune, till the soil, plant and harvest. I fall in love again.

My beloved has gone down to his garden,
to the beds of spices,
to browse in the gardens
and to gather lilies.
I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine;
he browses among the lilies.
(Song of Songs 6:2)

Dear sisters, let’s come and worship together. Let the rains fall; let our hearts be softened, so that God may do His work in us. In Isaiah 45:8, God says:

“Shower, O heavens, from above, and let the clouds rain down righteousness; let the earth open, that salvation and righteousness may bear fruit; let the earth cause them both to sprout; I the Lord have created it.”


Weeds? No problem. Rain is in the forecast.


Imperfectly Brave Worship Night: August 4 – 7:30 pm – Providence Baptist Church Liberty MO 64068


And if you can’t join us, join us in spirit. Find a quiet space to worship. Go and hide in your closet. Step outside. Give into the music. Actually let it seep into your bones. Because when our hearts are pure, He will not hold back the rain.



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