A Kick Off the Hamster Wheel ::: Meet Leesa



I’ll never forget when Whitney sent me a Facebook message asking if I would be interested in starting a prayer group on Monday mornings at 6:30 a.m.? My first thought was are you kidding me? Pray at 6:30A.M. for an hour!?! How would I ever stay awake? That’s going to be soooo boring. But, I knew my prayer life was lacking exponentially, so I dutifully said, “Yes, I would be happy to”.


Thank you, Holy Spirit, for “guilting” me into saying yes! That little early Morning Prayer group has radically changed my view on life and has built my relationship with God. Through that stronger relationship with Christ and the Holy Spirit, two huge changes have occurred in my mentality seemingly overnight. Before I started with the group I felt like I was on a daily hamster wheel…. Hurrying as quick as I could every day: go to work, go the grocery store, cook dinner, get kids to bed, relax for 30 min with hubs, sleep – repeat. There was this huge emotional void in my life. Joining the prayer group gave me an intimate relationship with these women. I saw that no one’s life is perfect. We quickly tore down that façade that most women intentionally or unintentionally put up. You know the one I’m talking about. The one where a woman can do it all and with a smile on her face… you know, that one.


Well, that façade was quickly ripped down and tossed to the side as we got down to the nitty gritty stuff. It was tough and sometimes uncomfortable, but so worth it. Personally, it opened my eyes to their struggles and that we didn’t have to struggle alone. Don’t misinterpret this; I have an awesome husband, who I can talk to about anything. But since men and women are created so differently, there are some things he just doesn’t understand and he could not address some of those voids previously mentioned – and it was not fair for me to expect him to. The Bible instructs us to seek counsel; women from women, and men from men. But our morning prayer was not just emotional women blubbering/cackling to one another (I mean sometimes we do that, but then we move on to the next step that will soon be discussed). It is SO much more. As a group we each lift up our praises and concerns to the Lord our Father. After we finish praying to the Lord with what is heavy on our hearts, that weight is lifted off my shoulders, that knot in the pit of my stomach is gone = Awesome!


Imperfectly Brave


The other mental transformation the Lord has made through prayer group is, changing my view toward the outside world. I will never forget the first time I noticed this change. I was driving to work having just left Whitney’s house for Monday morning prayer. And I realized my viewpoint on my upcoming day was completely different. It WAS a Monday after all and on the way to Whitney’s house I remember feeling quite tired and blah… knowing full well there was still a full five days to the work week. People were cutting in and out of traffic and I found it to be very aggravating. But after leaving Whitney’s house, I had driven for about ten minutes when I realized I had a smile on my face, noticed how beautiful the sunrise looked, and was overall very jubilant to start my day. And that mentality followed me to work as well, I could no longer understand why people at work were letting small things get under their skin (mind you, that same thing I was probably grumbling about the week prior). All those Mt. Everests in my life became mole hills.


Has our prayer group fixed all of my sinful nature and all life’s roller coasters? Of course not, but the Lord has drastically changed how I see those roller coasters. I find myself on Monday mornings following prayer group wishing every morning could be Monday morning. It is such a beautiful way to start the week.


Leesa story is real and right and so very true. Would you consider joining us at the imperfectly brave weekend to hear more stories like these? I think we could all use a good kick off the hamster wheel.


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