An Invitation to Slow Down: Words to Heed Before we Burn Out

slow down


Dear sister (we are sisters after all), I find it important to glean from women who are wiser than myself and deeply hidden in Christ. Fortunately, I have several of these women; beautiful friends who take time to listen to my burdened soul, celebrate every day lovelies and take note of weary bones. Today I want you to hear from one of them, my editor and friend, Diana Dunne. She has an invitation for us; an invitation to slow down. And just between you and me, she is a trusted source, a woman radiating Christ. I don’t say this lightly — I would take her words to heart. Let’s slow down before we have nothing else to give. 


God has been leading me to pray for the women’s weekend in October. I’ve been praying that His daughters are not prevented from coming, not kept away because of “all the things,” as my friend Chrystan would say.


My prayer partner Katrina likened us women to being that “low man on the totem pole.” The one at the bottom, straining and sweating to hold the whole thing up. The one at the bottom nobody really notices, but without whom the entire structure comes crashing down.


I even got this mental picture of stop sticks being thrown in the road–you know, those spikey things police sometimes put down to blow out car tires. And I thought, that is what the enemy does: give us “flat tires” we can’t keep going.


Or so we allow ourselves to think. I am the driver; I must keep moving. Stopping is bad. I am the base; I must keep holding everything up. Resting is out of the question.


slow down
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I know that in the realm of good Christian things, women in America are blessed to have lots of choices. There are tons of worthy causes into which we can pour our time, our treasure, ourselves. And there are the demands of family, church, friends, work. Rarely are we given “free time” to do just as we please. So many little responsibilities tug at our sleeves, crying and demanding our attention.


If we’re not careful, if we’re not mindful, we will let our lives run away with us. We will get behind the wheel of our days, put ourselves in gear, and hit the gas. You know how it goes–kids screaming from the backseat, coffee sloshing out of your travel mug, speeding madly to make it through that next yellow light….


Somebody, please. Will Somebody throw out some stop sticks?


Because maybe, just maybe, it isn’t an enemy who is trying to make us stop. Maybe it is a Friend. Perhaps a flat tire is just what we need. You and I can’t see beyond the next corner, but He sees the entire road. And He knows whether we’re going to run out of gas in a deserted spot, or break down where there is no shoulder.


It’s time to slow down and acknowledge the real “low man on the totem pole.” He is also the most exalted, the One who’s holding all the things up–the job, the friends and family, us– everything. Because, sisters, it isn’t me and it isn’t you. It’s Jesus. And as we look down the road at our days lining up one after another like the yellow stripes on the road, I think we should plan a rest stop.


Yes. Let’s schedule a stop. Someplace where we can reconnect with the Son of Man who holds the whole world (including us) in His hands. My prayer is that if God is calling you to the Imperfectly Brave Weekend, you will make it happen. You can do this. Commit to it, and slide out from behind the steering wheel.


I’d rather use brakes than stop sticks, anyway.

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