The Christian Woman's Manifesto: defending our title as daughters of the King

The Christian Woman's Manifesto


It has been brought wildly to my attention that women everywhere don’t know where they fit in the church. We don’t have a Christian Woman’s Manifesto, we only have confusion. Women have been deterred by words like submission and quiet because they don’t understand the proper biblical instruction. They have been unsure of what roles they can play, so they cease playing all together. And maybe they (maybe you) have decided it isn’t worth the fight to rise to the role you feel hidden in your spirit, so you sit.


But your place isn’t a sitting place. It is a risen place.


You have been risen with Jesus. Yes, you. And that changes everything.


Women, it is time to know our manifesto. Our declaration. It is time to defend it in love; to know our place fully in the world, in our home, in our passions, in our dreams. It is time to remember that we are risen with Christ in the heavenly places. And all power on earth is ours because all power in heaven in ours,


so we will not be afraid.


We will no longer live in shame. Not while we wear white.


Because women, we are daughters of the King. White as snow. Green figs turned lace. Nakedness turned beauty. Shame turned fearless.


And the covenant He sings over us is what we will begin to sing over our lives:


Sealed with divine power.



And so we will continue to declare our anthem. We will continue to rise.


Daughters of the King, may we say it together:


I am talented and have unique gifts to give for the kingdom of God. He formed me and breathed into me something I am to use for His glory. I will not let the world squelch my talents. Nor will I let another human squelch them, either. I will write, sing, create, delegate, teach, administer, organize, and design for my King.


I will ___________ for Him and I will not be afraid.


If I am able to be in a home and raise children, I will pour life into them and teach them what is good: the Word, pure and simple. I will give them kindness so they can give out grace. I will apologize when I mess up (because I mess up) and I will not suffocate myself when they make choices of their own doing.


I will remember God is sovereign and I can not mess up His plan.


If I am a wife, I will graciously submit. Yes, submit, because gracious leaders always submit. I will look at him and respect him. And even when I can’t (because he is human and so am I) I will remember He is an image-bearer of God and deserves the love you lavish on me. I will dance with him and kiss him. And in our day-to-day living, I will push him into hard and holy things.


Because daughters of the King can mix gentle love with fierce passion.


If I work in this big, shiny world then I will remember Eve who worked the ground and the woman who spun purple fabric. I will allow myself to walk into a big office with high heels and a blazer and own that corner office. And while I’m there, I will be unafraid to make decisions and balance personalities and vision cast and check off to-do lists — with the pursuit of excellence.


Because where He has placed me is where I should leave excellent trails of Him.


I won’t do this all perfectly because a daughter of the King understands that balance is a lie the world has fed us in attempt to contain us. Balance isn’t the gospel. Faith is. And faith isn’t balanced. It is all in, pick up your cross, give away your gifts, throw it all away in order to gain it all back. Faith isn’t balance, it’s reckless abandonment to the unseen. I will no longer believe the lie.


I will be a daughter of the King full of faith, not balance.


Finally, I will not compare myself to other women. Instead, I will let my Maker lift my chin and remember He made me full well. I will rest secure that I was made purposefully and wonderfully. And in the full assurance of who I am in Christ, I will champion other women and how God made them. I will support those in my spheres of influence so we can become one family, one body, without any breaks or hindrances. These roads are life-giving roads and through them Christ will be lifted higher. It’s not all about me, after all.


Because my Maker made me, I can be secure in my purpose and champion the purpose of others.


And when I mess it all up, I will apologize. Because I will mess it all up. In my home, in my office, in my marriage, in my talents. At times I will resort back to my human fears and will need grace upon grace.


But because I’ve given out grace I will accept it, too.


Women, it is time to rise, declare our anthem and walk into our manifesto. There is no time like the present. Rise. Move forward and defend your title as daughters of the King. Defend it well, beauty. I know you can.


PS Want more of this manifesto? Join us at the Imperfectly Brave Weekend. It will be a chance to declare your anthem all weekend long.

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