Community at Christmas: Community as Family

Community at Christmas: Community as Family

Something that is not often talked about is community as family. Sometimes it’s easier to say “love your neighbor” to your actual neighbor than it is to the very people sitting around your dinner table every night. Your husband is your neighbor. Your children are your neighbor. They are, in fact, your community.

For some reason though, it is this very community that sees the worst of me. My family can get the full brunt of exhausted Whitney, angry Whitney, frustrated Whitney….you get the picture. That’s why we are excited to introduce you to our friends at Etch. Kelsey, Carrie and Terri are intentional about creating community as family because they know it can be challenging.

Hear it from their own words:

​We are passionate about community and while it’s great to cultivate it outside the home with others, it’s most important to start at home with our families! That’s why we created these Alphabet Scripture Cards! Designed to get everyone in the family memorizing scripture, use the alphabet letter prompts to bring to mind foundational verses important for any age! The beautiful everyday-art style allows you to leave several cards out and around the house, or keep them close to the dining table to become a regular topic of discussion around a meal!  Join us in etching God’s word on our hearts and on our family’s hearts!community as Christmas ​My family personally leaves the cards out that we need to focus on each week, each month or each season. Currently we have “give all your worries to God for he cares about you” (Y is for You, 1 Peter 5:7) out on our kitchen counter.

Maybe this could be a sweet way your family could enter 2019 – intentionally pursuing community as family.