Community at Christmas: Marshmallow Dreamland!

Community at Christmas: Marshmallow Dreamland!

Let’s be honest. Sometimes we don’t open our home to connect with others because we are afraid of what others might think. I mean, maybe we have vacuumed in months (errr we mean years). Or maybe we can’t even begin to pull out the seasonal decorations.

We get it.

That’s why we asked our friend, Laurie at Laurie Champ Design to share a really simple way to make our homes feel whimsy and magical.

Hello, sweet marshmallow dreamland. We love you.


community at christmas

Here’s how to create it yourself:

STEP ONE: Make your mallows stale!! This will make your life much less messy! Tip: set them out on a baking sheet for 2-3 days.

STEP TWO: Start stringing mallows! You will need to make knots in the string below each mallow. It’s best to make the knot pretty fat (knot the same place about 4 times) so the mallow doesn’t slide down over the knot. Repeat this until you have your desired amount of marshmallows on the string.

STEP THREE: Attach the command hooks to the ceiling and hang the string from the hooks! Winter wonderland complete!

Isn’t that fun? Go ahead and give Laurie a high five in the comments below and feel free to ask questions!