Community at Christmas: Meet Mendy!

Community at Christmas: Meet Mendy!

We hope you have loved hearing from Chrystan and Laurie so far! And we certainly hope you’ve loved their resources. This week, you will hear from our friend, Mendy Shriver. Mendy is telling such an important story. She is reminding women what it means to be healthy — and how to love ourselves the way God has made us. Who’s in for that message? We are!

Say hi to us! Who are you?

I’m Mendy! I’m an energetic and crazy mother to five teens. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 22 years. I have a BA in Marriage and Family Counseling and a minor in Religious Studies from Oklahoma Baptist University. In addition to healthy living, I’m passionate about advocating for orphans, non-profits, and pro-life clinics. I’m currently working toward my master’s degree in Christian Marriage and Family Counseling at Mid-America Nazarene University. I enjoy interviewing women for my podcast called “Fist Pump Friday.” 

After 39 years hogging the spotlight, I fell to my knees and literally cried out, “Jesus take the wheel.” (Thank you, Carrie Underwood, for the song). I knew God was calling me to a bold ministry geared toward women, but I kept masking it with a fitness business. After too many years of needing to be in control, trying to prove myself that I was worthy of love, and striving to meet the demands of the American culture, I broke. God had to take me to a rock bottom place before I would see my deep need to be 100% reliant on Him. Finally heeding the call that was sitting deep within my soul, I surrendered to ministry.

My greatest passion is for women to understand that “healthy living begins in your heart.” As a former fitness business owner and personal trainer, I now want women to see themselves through the eyes of Christ rather than the fitness industry.

This is my message: “Health is NOT about 6-pack abs, the perfect jean size, boulder shoulders, or the perfect diet. Jesus wants you to take care of His temple, your body. There is no magic pill, workout, or meal plan that can take the place of God’s idea of fitness. He wants us all to understand that healthy living begins with Him.”

What are you sharing with us this week? How does it connect community with the gospel?

My new website has several “Fun Free Healthy Downloadables.”  I added a new downloadable series of 2 documents titled, “My Sister’s Keeper: Mendy’s favorite Seasonal Holiday Recipes.” This downloadable is all about cooking healthy with your sisters in Christ.

One of our purposes with Community at Christmas is to give women real ideas to open their lives to others without losing our minds in details and endless scrolling. How can this (what you are sharing) help?

I’m on a mission to help women see that God literally doesn’t care about the extra “junk in your trunk” or growing “ love handles.” He wants you to “live healthy, laugh lots, and love big.” Unlike what the world will tell you, keeping a healthy body is NOT just about you. It’s about God’s grand purpose. 

 “Healthy people have able bodies. Healthy people can serve others and fully contribute to God’s work without limitations.”

All the downloadables on my website encourage activity with other women through exercise, cooking, and sisterhood in Christ.

Finish this thought: I need community because…

I am by nature an “includer.” Includers cannot stomach leaving others out, but includers can get their feelings hurt when they are left out. I need community because I thrive in a team environment, and I’d rather hold hands and pray with my sisters than cry alone in the dark.

Best Christmas memory ever. Ready, go!

Christmas 2013, when our daughters came home from Africa. It was magical because all my people where finally under one roof and on one continent. Also our bios and our adopted kids didn’t know each other yet, so they were being really kind and sweet to one another at that point.

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