Confessions of a Prayer Group Absentee

Imperfectly Brave


I have been out of my prayer group for two weeks now. Last night, I had my car loaded up with everything for work. I packed my lunch and poured myself a water bottle (What? I like a well-planned day). I had already written out some of my prayer requests because God put a stirring in my heart about prayer and how it will be the only thing to change this lonely world. I went to bed feeling a tad sick and woke up throat-burning, body-aching, head-exploding sick.


So, no prayer group this morning, doctor’s office instead.


And then two weeks ago, we were out of town and snowbound in Colorado. My friend, Chrystan, texted me to tell me how very sweet prayer group was. She told me that women were honest and real and talked about wanting Jesus most and sometimes that’s all we really need to pray for.


So here I am, a prayer group confessionalist. I can’t give you a science to it. I can’t give you a mathematical equation and tell you why prayer group has become so deeply ingrained in my walk with the Lord. I can’t lay it out in a five-step formula. One, find prayer partners. Two, be vulnerable. Three, pray like the apocalypse is coming tomorrow. Four…


But I can say, that if you commit your 2016 to praying for one another and for your churches and for your families and for your cities… you will see change. Let’s stop thinking that God doesn’t answer prayer. Let’s remember that He is the answer to all our prayers and start letting that be enough. Pray loud. Pray bold. Pray for chains to be broken. Pray like God is listening, because He is listening.


And then pray more. Let people in. Let them know where you are hurting. Stop brushing it under the rug. Why? So that you can have a pity party for yourself? No. The most beautiful dynamic part about the body of Christ is that we get to carry each other’s burdens. I want to carry your burdens if you would let me. I won’t be able to solve them, but I sure will pray to the high heavens for God to intervene.


I’m going to ask you a question and pretend like we are sitting eye to eye over a coffee shop table, squeezing our mugs because we know this is our one very precious and present life. Are you going to commit to praying to the most influential, powerful, dynamic God who is also (in the same breath) your Dad? Are you going to pray to him until you have come undone this year? Because if so, your 2016 is going to be your most influential, powerful and dynamic year, yet.


Until then, I am praying that I can make it to my next prayer group. You better believe I will be there with bells and whistles on.


Want to commit to your most influential year. Join an Imperfectly Brave prayer group. Grab your friends or we can plug you into one. Let God change the course of your year.

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