Every Life is Sacred ::: Yours is Too ::: And Why This is the Game-Changer

Imperfectly Brave

Today my baby turns one. Her life is so very sacred. Her one year of life has been set apart and so very good. (Pause.) You guys. YOU GUYS. She is one. The baby that God knit together inside of me – the one He designed just for my family – the one who has cheeks for days and plays peek-a-boo like a champ. This girl is one today. Let’s be honest, the nights were hard, and sometimes the days were, too. And newsflash: I have no idea what I am doing. Absolutely none. But what I know for sure is that my love for her can’t be bottled.


And instead of being super celebratory, I am a bit weepy (Who am I? I love confetti and cupcakes and sprinkles and streamers). But my tears make sense. I just spent a week at a conference where we talked about life and the importance of it all, specifically why every single life is sacred.


Every life is sacred. This is what I know for sure. I also know that if every life is sacred, so is every pregnant woman who is growing that baby. Friends, we must tell her this, show her this, walk her through this. If every life is sacred, we must act like it – really act like it.


We are letting hundreds of thousands of lives be snuffed out and here is the thing – they aren’t being snuffed out simply when a girl gets pregnant. She doesn’t make her decision about whether or not she is going to choose life when she looks at her pregnancy test. This decision is being shaped far before she looks at double lines on a stick. It is written in her worth. Does she see her life as sacred?


Do you? Do you see how purposeful your very life is?


Lives are being snuffed out because we are too busy running errands, cleaning our houses and looking at our cell phones, rather than doing anything and everything we can to open our eyes and tell the people around us one thing — God is crazy about them. Please don’t hear this as being mean or condemning. It’s not. I am the biggest offender. I am just saying my house being clean doesn’t equate the beauty of one life.


And know this – your life, your one very precious life, is incredibly sacred. Until we realize this, we can’t communicate it well to the next generations. You have life-breathing power if you know Jesus. First immerse yourself in Him and then let it overflow into others.


Today I am clinging to this truth as I get out my confetti, if every life is sacred, yours is too. So is hers. So is that babies. Let’s start here and fight the battle before the pregnancy stick. Every girl needs to know who she is – in the womb and outside of it. Every girl is wildly loved by King Jesus.


How do you remember you are wildly loved by the King?

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