The Gift Your Wife Truly Wants For Christmas {final post}

gift your wife truly wants

When we began this blog post, we had a few weeks until Christmas and now we find ourselves just two days away. I hope you have already found a wonderful present for your wife to open on Christmas morning, but no matter how amazing that gift is under the tree, remember that the real gift your wife wants from you is for you to be the spiritual leader of your home.


This gift of spiritual leadership is a 365-day a year lifestyle of seeking the Lord and leading your family to draw closer to God. We have been looking at the spiritual leadership that Joseph displayed as our example to follow. Joseph was the spiritual leader of his home, as he would spend consistent time with God, seeking God’s will for his life. And when Joseph heard from the Lord, he would instantly and fully obey God’s word.


Joseph obeyed no matter the earthly costs he faced for his obedience.


We have already discussed the first two traits of becoming spiritual leaders in our homes. They were, one: if we are to be the spiritual leaders of our home, we need to spend consistent time alone with God in Bible reading and prayer. And two: that when we learn what God wants us to do, we need to instantly and fully obey Him.


Now this morning, we will look at the third trait of obeying God no matter the earthly costs we will face.


Joseph faced several earthly costs for obeying the Lord. What costs did he face? First, he faced the cost of his earthly reputation by obeying God to marry Mary. Mary knows she was faithful to Joseph, and thanks to the appearance of the angel, Joseph knows Mary was faithful to him.


But no one else in the town received a visit from the angel validating Mary’s faithfulness to Joseph.


Joseph understood that if he obeyed the word of God and married Mary, he would face ridicule in his hometown for the rest of his life due to his perceived unfaithful wife.


He understood the cost of his obedience, but he obeyed God anyway.


Secondly, we see Joseph (on three occasions) obey God by packing up all his stuff and moving his family to a new city. One of my least favorite activities is moving. The never-ending packing and the tetris game of loading the truck are more for me to handle. And then you must say goodbye to all your friends and move to a new city where you once again begin the process of planting roots. But right when Joseph hears God tell him to move, he begins the process, even though there are physical and emotional costs.


Joseph leads his family spiritually by always being willing to do what God asks no matter the cost.


We, too, need to be willing to obey God no matter what costs we may have to pay. This obedience may lead to a small change in our life, such as being more patient with our wife and children, or it may require a huge change of uprooting your family and moving to a new city with a new career.


No matter what, we need to be men who listen to the word of God and are faithful to obey Him however he may be leading. Obedience to God will lead to earthly costs, but the benefits of obeying God and leading your family spiritually far outweigh any earthly costs you will pay.


So, as we celebrate Christmas in just two days, let us be men who are committed to be the spiritual leaders of our home in 2017. This will be better than any diamond, car, or fancy dress she could ever want.

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