The Gift Your Wife Truly Wants For Christmas {a series}

wife really wants for Christmas

Gentlemen, believe it or not, Christmas is just a few short weeks away. When I was a boy, it seemed like Christmas took forever to come around. But now, as a grown man with two daughters, Christmas appears in the blink of an eye.


You should know that I am one of those people who absolutely loves Christmas. I enjoy the excitement in the air that the season brings. I love watching cheesy Christmas movies with my wife (even though I won’t admit that to her). I love to go and purchase a real Fraser fir Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. And I find pure joy in putting all the ornaments on the tree each year. I love Christmas!


I am not one who likes to shop, but I do enjoy selecting the perfect Christmas gift for my wife. Thanks to the Internet, I can find the perfect gift without facing the Christmas crowds in the stores. So, if you have not selected (or maybe even begun to think about) the gift for your wife, it is now time to start looking for that gift because Christmas is already upon us (hint, hint).


Now as you go to the store or browse the Internet for the perfect gift, I want to commend you for putting in the thought and time to find something special. So, if you buy her a new dress, a fine piece of jewelry, or (for those high rollers among us) a new Lexus with a big red bow on the roof, as much as your wife will appreciate your gift, this is not the gift that she truly wants from you.


The gift your wife desires is not a gift that can be purchased in a store to be given on one day of the year. It is a gift that needs to be lived out through your life, 365 days a year. Your wife desires for you to be the spiritual leader of your family, to live out your faith in Jesus Christ and to lead and encourage her and your children to do the same in their lives. The greatest gift you can give your wife and your children is to be the spiritual leader of your home.


The story of Joseph, Mary’s husband, provides an excellent example of how we can be the spiritual leader of our homes. Joseph leads his family spiritually by being a man who seeks the Lord in his life, who instantly and fully obeys the Lord, not worrying about the earthly costs of whole-heartedly obeying God.


Over the next 3 weeks, we will look at the life of Joseph and see how we, too, can be the spiritual leaders of our home. Join us next Friday as we look at the important first step– spending consistent time with God. To sign up for emails, go here.


P.S. You can also buy her something pretty. She will like that, too.

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