How Prayer Can Change Everything

Imperfectly Brave


It’s been said that the prayers of the saints and the fire of God move the whole course of the world. And at Imperfectly Brave we believe that the actually do. Step inside our world for five minutes as you walk through a typical Monday morning with us. And then consider the possibility of creating this as your lifestyle, with your people and your home. It’s not perfect. It is full of mess, but it’s women saying yes to God, prayer and each other. Imperfectly Brave can be for you. There is no better time than now.


For years, early on Monday morning, our homes become sacred, special places. Our floorboards creak as we tiptoe to the coffee, knowing that this morning and all mornings are sacred. The gift of one more day. We converse slightly about how was your weekend and what did you do? Wasn’t it beautiful outside? Did you take a walk? It is early and our brains are just beginning to rise into a brand new day.


Imperfectly Brave
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Some of us stumble and fall into this place and some of us bounce, veins filled with the breath of a new sunrise. Each of us so different with so many passions, loves, families, desires. Nurses, stay at home mommies, single ladies, passionate crusaders, yet each of us are so very the same. Broken girls in love with Jesus Christ. It is the only thing really that bonds us; every other bond is weak and frail, fragile and able to bend all too easily. So it is Jesus that brings us into this space and Jesus alone. Our differences are obvious but our need for Him is greater, so we choose to gather around the table.


We sip our coffee and break our muffins, getting closer to the warm inside with hopes that the butter will melt and spread to the corners and onto the plate. For we are women begging God to melt the barricades and walls around our heart, where we internalize the sacred to control our feelings. Where we have stored up hurts and perpetuated shame and allowed it to grow, hidden in the dark. We’ve been taught for far too long that the barricades are to protect and the heart is a safe place. The example has been to never expose our imperfections because imperfect means weakness.


Yet today we gather in weakness. The truth of it all is that, we live in a broken world and therefore, we are in desperate need of a Savior moment to moment. Jesus says bring all your heart to me and don’t be ashamed. He doesn’t desire more sacrifices, more church activities, more bible studies. He desires the nearness of me and the vulnerability of my open heart lay before Him.


We don’t just all start a whirlwind of prayers, a hurricane of voices singing up to our God; how beautiful that would be and might be so someday. But we sit and look into one another’s eyes and ask, “How? How this week can I pray for you?” And remember: At first it wasn’t easy. It wasn’t easy to open up to women, to lean into our struggles and expose them. For the covers have hidden them quite nicely over the days, weeks and years and to lift oneself out of them takes great courage and tremendous bravery. Yet in the brave steps, we walk into a whole different space.


We walk into a real place with a flooding of grace. It’s a sacred space of real girls in real need of a beautiful God.


Imperfectly Brave


Imperfectly Brave


We knew we were ready for real. We knew that we were tired of, “I’ll pray for you” being thrown around the Christian community so frivolously that it should become a crime. We knew that we were tired for just praying for travel mercies and medical treatments. As important as those are they don’t nearly reach the depth of our souls. We knew we wanted to be women who prayed without ceasing, dependent on a Holy God, finding beauty in our brokenness and never in our perfection.


So we started digging and when one girl drew circles in the carpet around her half-eaten muffin, already open and exposed to the world, she decided to let her heart go there too.


My marriage is shaky. I get so bitter. It gets so hard. And I am so tired.

Yes, we nod and love extends across the room. The candle flickers and we see her bravery.


So we all enter in. One person’s bravery lets us all be brave. For a candle never loses light when it lights another candle. Our circle expands and we share the pits of our souls because all of a sudden it seems like the pit can’t hold it any longer.


Some share their struggles with the week ahead. Big meetings, big reports, big bosses and shaky hearts.


Jesus, be in it, we all pray.

And we all nod because we all understand somewhere inside us.


One confesses something buried from her week, exposed she weeps, not because forgiveness comes from us but because she knows it’s free and Jesus’ blood forgives.


Jesus, comfort and transform, we all pray.

And we all nod because we all understand somewhere inside us.


One talks about the idol her children have become. I need to let go and hand over to God these precious ones God has entrusted me to.


Jesus, give her strength and fill her to be whole, we all pray.

And we all nod because we all understand somewhere inside us.


One talks about her passions and dreams that seem unreasonable and silly to pursue, afraid of mocking and laughter, they have been suppressed and therefore her candle has been blown out.


Jesus, renew her passions and her love. If the dreams are yours, ignite the fire.

And we all nod because we all understand somewhere inside us.


On Monday morning, we enter into our hurts that our heart holds.

Or the shame.

The guilt.

The embarrassment.

The dreams.


We’ve tucked them all away and let them sit into our walls for far too long. Our need for perfection deepened the grave we dug them into. By digging we were only creating an early death for our souls when God desires life richly and abundantly. Before we know it our grave is deep and the way out seems too great. So we lay down, accepting defeat all while God sits in heaven waiting for us to release, to be brave, to live united under one accord, praying to Him, in absolute surrender.


We aren’t doing anything new on Monday mornings. It is new to us and refreshing for our hearts, but in the history of our world, it is nothing radical. The disciples provide such an example of community and prayer. Their need was great for the passionate pursuit of prayer because in just one day they found themselves without the physical presence of their Teacher.


Imperfectly Brave


Here we are, post the new church, and I am declaring prayer. I am declaring its power over His girls, over His church, over our nation. And I am boldly declaring that it will change everything. We would love if you joined us. If you committed to praying and letting it be like new again. You can. Get your girls. Say yes to making time, committing to each other’s hearts and relentlessly loving one another. I dare say it will be one of the best choices of your entire life. Join a prayer group today.

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