How to Change Your City ::: And Move Impossible Mountains

Imperfectly Brave Living
Imperfectly Brave Living


One year ago this week, we stepped out wildly in faith. A small group of us (God always works in small numbers), felt called to a mobile home park in our community. We had no idea who lived there, no idea what we really even want to do – except love the people and bring them Jesus. We didn’t know what the end result would be — but I am learning this is how God works and weaves beautiful stories. When we are quiet enough to listen and courageous enough to move and desperately dependent on our Creator, He shines like the noonday and we move into a completely different step with Him — the best, earth-shattering kind of steps.


Because I have witnessed the earth-shatter, I know that when God calls you to something, you really should do it.


Wednesday rolled around, and we showed up on a lawn in the middle of the park. We ate hot dogs and tossed around volleyballs. We watched kids from different neighborhoods, different schools, different faiths, jam over sweet popsicles and soda. We saw what simple love looked like – meeting needs, filling up heart places, minimizing gaps. We gave out tangible love that filled intangible places.


And even in the not knowing, we saw that love always knows.




So week after week, we showed up and week after week, the same family kept coming around. Because God always brings the right things, the right ones, the right fruits out of simple obedience. We still played games. We still licked ice cream cones — we also always shared Jesus. After games and grass, we would sit down with sweat over our faces and listen to a Jesus story and that Jesus — that God Man — He was weaving something we could have never imagined.


Jesus is always weaving, it is up to us to wait and ask to see the beauty of what He is creating.





You and I have walked this road of foster care together. It hasn’t been easy, but what God was doing with all those games and pop and water balloons and sweet messages about Him – He was building a solid foundation for us to continue to love how He asks us to – relentlessly. Many brave men and women in our church are going to love these kids in their homes. We restoring the streets in our city. We are actually becoming repairers of the breech (Isaiah 58).


And we are quite literally letting God shine like the noonday. It’s happening. It’s here. God is changing our city.


So, why this story? Why do you need to know? You need to know because you are being woven into stories also. God is calling to you to step imperfectly into your life. You are uniquely placed in your city, in your church, in your home for this very time in history. I hope you get quiet enough to know where He is weaving. And when He speaks, I hope you walk bravely forward even though you won’t know the end result. Because if you would have told us a year ago, we would be given these hard, but incredible opportunities, we would have doubled over with laughter because popsicles and lawn games can only go so far.


But love — love for God and love for others — well they can beautifully move mountains.





So before you leave this page, what is He asking? Where is He whispering, be imperfectly brave? Let us know — we want to see Him weave into you and through you. And don’t wonder about the end result, rest in the sound of His voice.

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