How to Hear a Whisper in a Loud World

Imperfectly Brave


My, it’s loud out there, and everything is cracking and breaking and the noise is echoing inside our ears. Racism is killing us. Mankind is forgetting its soul. Injustices are dividing us and all we can do is figure out ways to fight about our church carpet color. All of a sudden, it’s as if there is dry ground everywhere and we are trying to take our spit and cover the cracks, when all we really need is some kind of ocean — massive and fierce. 


I’m not the only one who feels this way. (And maybe you do too?)


Listen to my friend, Chrystan, as she gently leads us through the art of listening to God. Finding beauty in the quiet. Finding worth in who we know, in the still spaces of our soul.


Because maybe it’s in understanding of who we are that changes our understanding of what we know? It’s my honor to let Chrystan share her story today. 


My writing voice has been very quiet lately–maybe because the world has been so loud. The world shouts at us, while our Savior’s voice is so very quiet. The world is aggravation and agitation, while our walk with God is overflowing with patience and grace.


Why is it that we so often choose the world over our Lord?


As I throw out that question, it comes right back to me with an answer–simple and stark. We choose the world because we don’t know how much God loves us. We really cannot (or do not) allow ourselves to fathom the unending, unyielding love that our Savior has for us. Together, we try to force God (the God who calls the stars into order and commands the waves) into our human box. Even as I type those words, I am baffled by this idea. How could we ever expect to contain this God? Yet we try to, every day.


From the story of creation (Genesis 1) through the birth (Matthew 1:18), the life (John 13:1-20), the death (John 18:1-19:42) and the resurrection of Jesus (Luke 24:1-53), we see the revelation of God’s all-consuming love for his people. Yet today, sitting here reading this, so many of us have doubts that we are “worth it.”


Imperfectly Brave


Imperfectly Brave


For many of us, it comes down to worth. There’s no way that we are worthy of that kind of love: a love that knows no limits, no boundaries, that would walk out on water for us, that would face persecution and suffering in our name. We cannot wrap our minds around this love, so it must not exist. We take God and we try to limit Him. All the while, He looks at us and sees our human selves, and He lavishes more love on us.


Can we just decide that we are worth it?


Jesus already paid this price because He already knew we were worth every last dying breath. A journey to hell and back was all a part of His loving plan to win us for the Kingdom forever and forever. There are no limits to His love for His girls. We cannot run far enough that His love cannot reach.


Today I choose to quiet the world and just hear Jesus. His love is greater, His words mean more; I was worth it, and so today I am worthy. Today God sees me as His daughter, redeemed by His love through His Son. I mean, that is just beautiful.


Please know you are part of God’s plan. When He sent His Son, He had you and me in mind. His love for us is endless. All we have to do is say yes, tear down those walls and barricades we put around our hearts, and free-fall into His arms. He is all we need…literally.


Let’s silence the world this week, and hear His whispers of love.


Chrystan Ferrell loImperfectly Braveves a good front porch and a big cup of coffee. This mama of three boys and wife to Farmer Adam is not one too shy to dream, nor timid to use her voice for the Kingdom. She can sing and even make a Baptist girl sway her hips. She believes in swinging wide her door to help mankind and living out the gospel in her home, her city and in her day-to-day life. She runs the operations at Imperfectly Brave and keeps all the crazy in line. Additionally, she’s the IB worship leader and still believes in a good mixed tape because someday all of human race might need a good playlist.


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