How to Keep From an Empty Life

Easter stirs one thousand feelings inside of me. There is actually mourning on Good Friday. I stick myself directly under the cross and hear the last breaths of my dying Savior. I feel the thorns press into my brow. I listen for the mocking. I wait to know “it is finished.”


Then Easter comes, and I practically burst when I declare, “He is risen, indeed!” I dance in the pews (I know, a Baptist Pastor’s Wife dancing!) I smile toward the heavens and look for His throne. I nod and praise and clap and sing all because the tomb was empty. And because the stone was rolled away this girl has life and has it to the fullest; so, I celebrate. I have always loved a good celebration, anyway. I am just that kind of girl.


Because of all the feelings, I want to linger and wait and pause in Easter Weekend.



But Monday is here and so are my kids and my work and my home and SO MANY THINGS to umpteenth one thousand degree. And if I am not careful the cross can slip from my very fingers. Am I the only one? Am I the only one that gets to Friday every week only to wonder what impact I made? Outside of getting frustrated with my children, furiously checking off a to-do list and frantically getting to one place after another —what good did I do?




And if I am not careful a very full life will feel very empty.


So how do we keep from feeling empty? The only thing I can think of my friends is ONE THING. THE ONE THING to keep from feeling empty is when we keep our eyes on the empty tomb.


In order to really get a grasp on this, let’s do a little exercise. So often, most of our pursuits come down to wanting “something.”  For example, we desire to be well-known in the community, to get the best mom award, to have the cleanest house.


These are all good things but in the end they often leave us…empty.


For example:


PURSUIT: The best toys/pretties/goodies


Short-term: I love walking through Target. I could just buy it all…and you know what? It feels good. I like dilly-dallying and picking out cute things for my home. Before I know it though, I go overboard and my cart is COMPLETELY FULL. Target is where money goes to die.


Long-term: I like my pretty things for about one month. After about a month they lose their shine and I need to get another fix. Target knows this about me. That is why they keep giving me reason to come back. It’s practically an addiction – a high only to leave me low.


You can practice this exercise if you would like for so many areas of your life and I encourage you to do so. I have a great worksheet available if you take a moment and subscribe to the blog.


The bottom line is this : Easter wasn’t meant to come, go and leave us the same. Easter really isn’t about the fancy shoes or bow ties or hats on little girls. Quite honestly, I am fairly certain God has higher hopes for Resurrection Sunday than eggs hunts, jellybeans, white gloves and pretty hair. He died on a cross to go to the grave. He went to the grave to rise again. He left the tomb empty for our lives to be full. This is the life I crave. A full life.




So how do we keep from an empty life?  We keep our eyes on the empty tomb. This is my prayer this week. This is my one and only prayer. Would you pray with me?


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