How to let go of Perfectionism ::: and Depend on God

When was the last time you allowed yourself to dream? When was the last time you sat in front of a blank page and thought all those thoughts you used to carry in your heart? The ones you believed could become true before reality set in – before the world starting setting your pace rather than your heart (and most importantly) the One who created your heart.


But here we are, a dot in the big expanse of life, and reality has taken residence in our lives – the reality of






The everyday nonstop, push and shove, get ahead, work harder, be better LIFE.


And before we know it the big, harsh world is pressing in, in, in —

so far in, that it could quiet a flame quicker than quick.


Have we become a whole generation of quiet flames? Well, have we?


Quick, grab your journal. Let’s practice something.

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If you and I were sitting next to each other right now. Let’s promise one another that we are going to be really honest – no lying, no covering up, no shame. Let’s tell each other we won’t laugh but we will be really good listeners. Let’s be FOR each other and let’s spend a moment dreaming.


We will each get one minute to fill a whole page with the dreams God has placed in our hearts. One minute to spend in complete un-reality…ready, set, go!


Ok, is it my turn to tell you? Do you promise not to laugh?


I want to see every knee bow to the throne of Christ my King. I see this barn out in the middle of nowhere Missouri where the sides are wide open and the stars practically touch our fingertips. I see women with arms raised high in utter abandon to the Lord. I see us going out from that place being world changers. I hope for Jesus to be made more famous. I pray that the church would become the most compelling thing because Jesus was and will always be the most compelling one. And I pray that Imperfectly Brave Living plays a small role in ushering in Jesus and His power.


This is my dream. Ok, what’s yours?


So what keeps us from pursuing these beautiful longings on our hearts? Perfection.


I think if I don’t have the perfect plan or the most winning strategy, it could never be accomplished. If I don’t see a solution NOW than the fight isn’t worth fighting. If I can’t personally handle the enormity of the dream than I might as well shrug it off.


Last time I checked, the enormity of everything is simply part of God’s character. He breathed and a star shone brighter. He spoke and the seas spread out. He is a galaxy creator. He never sleeps. He always cares. He is personally involved. He is so slow to anger. And He never changes. (And we all said, amen). A – MEN.


God told us to boast in our weakness. If I can handle my dream, than the problem is just that – I CAN HANDLE IT. The thing about our dreams is they aren’t really meant for us. They are meant to make God look bigger, mightier, more lovely and more good. They are made to make us so utterly dependent that we stay in His arms – all the time for the rest of our lives.


What if instead of quiet flames we became the brightest lights in our world? What if we dreamed the biggest dreams because we actually believed in the mightiest God? What if we said, God I am too weak for this, will you be strong?


What if we boasted in our weakness?


As we wrap up Redefine ::: Perfectionism this week, take a moment to dream. Grab a blank piece of paper and write it all out. Spend five minutes praying and writing. Then stare straight into heaven and say, God, I am too weak. Boast in it. Let’s all let God be strong. Let’s all be imperfectly brave.


He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9



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