Imperfectly Brave Book

By Whitney Putnam

God is calling his girls to redefine bravery. Why? Because we’ve diluted it - and diluted God. Our great calling is to bring a love-drenched Savior into our neighborhoods, into our cities. By letting God redefine us, we’ll embrace His power to fulfill our callings.

Together, as we listen and obey, we will learn to redefine:

  • How perfectionism paralyzes us

  • The real basis of our worth

  • How declaring dependence frees us

  • What success looks like from God’s perspective

  • How fear is the one prison for which we hold the key

What does imperfectly brave look like for you? God knows, and he wants you to dig in - maybe even get a little dirty - and discover your newly defined life. This journey may take time, but by running to the cross you will detangle the Word from the world, find your life ripe with purpose and experience renewed passion for serving others.