Imperfectly Brave Living

I so desperately wanted today to be a celebratory day. I wanted to look back at the launch of Imperfectly Brave Living and think of confetti and balloons. I wanted to talk about doing the hard thing, putting one foot in front of another and listening to God.  I wanted to dance for joy, not mourn for ashes.


Instead, last night, I went to bed heavy and this morning, I awake almost heavier. Twenty-one Egyptian Coptic  Christian men beheaded. I don’t want to lose the weight of this. I don’t want this to be  brief news story. I can’t help but think of the wives going to go tell their children. The communities crying out in fear. The babies wondering where their daddies are.

And my heart breaks and words scratch at my throat, “wake up my darling church, wake up.” May the armies rally today (in love, dear Jesus). May the veil rise.


Oh God, I ache to be awakened.


Today I can only cling to serving a purposeful God. I can rest only in knowing that He knew the timing of the breaking of these men’s lives and He knew the timing of Imperfectly Brave Living. All I hear from heaven is go “do the impossible.” And boy, am I glad that “doing the impossible” lines up with God’s word… FOR HE IS THE IMPOSSIBLE DOER.


So today as I begin to unfold exactly what is imperfectly brave living, it really would be for







In short, imperfectly brave living is letting God redefine bravery through His truth. With the world throwing around the term “be brave,” we can’t and shouldn’t measure our bravery by the world’s standards, but ask God to make us brave through Him and for Him.


In the process (and it’s been a process) the ONE THING I KNOW FOR SURE, words will never be enough. The one thing I know for sure is that when it comes to imperfectly brave living, He actually asks us to live like it.


Imperfectly Brave Living is a faith story. Just last week, a friend and I were talking about our faith. I admitted that I was struggling – really struggling – to hang onto my mustard seed. Day after day, my fingernails dug into the palms of my hands to keep my seed from slipping.


A mustard seed is really easy to lose. It is also crazy powerful. Jesus said so.



The story of imperfectly brave living has been a slow-growing tree. It didn’t come to me one night in a vision. I didn’t get slipped a note. I’ve never had a burning bush moment. No, imperfectly brave living has bloomed from early mornings, bible pages flipping and lots of alone time with God.


Imperfectly brave living rose straight out of knowing, “IT’S TIME.” Yeah, girls, it is time. It is time to be wild and free and watch Jesus move like crazy. It is time for us to live fully equipped. Love fully equipped. React fully equipped. Be fully equipped. It is time for all those old and tired strongholds in our churches to become new and powerful stronglives. Because this – all these stronglives – this is what we have in Jesus. Women with STRONGLIVES.


You should know that I have two precious daughters. Blond hair, blue eyed babies.


Collins and Carter = my whole world.





Their futures rest in my days of NOW. There is too much at stake for me not to be mobilized into brave places. I don’t want to be complacent. I don’t want to be okay with chains. I don’t think you do, either. In fact, I don’t know of many girls who want a life of ho-hum Christianity.


Will there be a cost to imperfectly brave living? Absolutely. But give me the day I get to tell my girls that GOD MOVED over a life of boring, busy days anytime. I want that day.


As page after page turned, and one morning turned into the next with a whole bunch of days slipped inbetween – I let God redefine bravery.


Oh, but let’s be real clear. (And I am all about being clear.) Have I lived it perfectly every day since then?




Perfectionism is what keeps us from a life of faith. Here I go holding on so tight to that little seed again. Our first step into imperfectly brave living: eradicating perfectionism and stepping wildly into battle.


We can live imperfectly because we serve the Perfect One.


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So, here’s to big fat falls on our faces. Making Him more famous. Tears and hurts and leaps of faith. Here’s to imperfectly brave living.


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