Imperfectly brave living, hesitations and miracles

Liberty, Missouri has one (worthy) place to get good Mexican food and it is 108 steps away from where I work. This is heaven sent. La Tienda is like Cheers where everyone knows your name, and the diet cokes are brought out to you in big, ol’ mugs.






*Texas friends, don’t even mess. I know you have Mexican on every corner. I can practically smell fajitas in front of me right now. Please eat some in honor of the Putnams next time you go to Papasitos. Please and thank you.*


Over chips and salsa, a good friend and I chatted about all God has been doing lately. I love these kinds of lunches where we recount His deeds. Where we can’t get enough of talking about Him. Where we hash out the places following Him has been HARD and LONELY but REWARDING and GOOD.


The pursuit of Him really is the greatest delight.


After celebrating with her all God has been doing in her ministries, we paused. We started talking about Imperfectly Brave Living and how God seemed to moving in and through it.


She said across the table, “It seems like you have it all together. That it is really going. It looks fantastic. You go, lady.”


Oh and it is. It is all too good. Taking that leap is REALLY THE BEST EVER.
Doing what God has been whispering into your soul is like walking on water. Faith is just so dang pleasing to Him.




But don’t be fooled. Please don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors of clever design and pretty colors. Anyone can set up a website. Anyone can type some words. Anyone can post on social media (I mean, ANYONE, let’s all be terrified together).


One thing I never, not ever, want imperfectly brave to be is a place where I look like I have it all together. Or my church has it all together. Or my people have it all together.


One dream of imperfectly brave living is to usher in a spirit of brokenness that brings vulnerability and rawness to His body. Ya’ll, He doesn’t delight in our sacrifices, but in our broken spirits. It would be this brokenness that lets us all grab hands with one another across our cities and march BRAVELY as HIS GIRLS into the UNKNOWN places. If He is our foundation, we cannot be shaken.


In all honestly, this past week of launching imperfectly brave has almost felt like my hardest week. After month upon month of loud and clear messages from God, this week I have been getting out my machete to cut through the forest in front of me. I’ve been grasping for a hand to hold. Its like I am walking in quicksand – the second I take a step forward, I feel my body collapse into the cool sand.

IMG_0178 (1)

Let’s all be clear – imperfectly brave living isn’t about me. It’s about God. It’s about Him messing up my cute, American life so that I can be conduit of change. It’s about a revolution of brave women being only about Jesus and His ways and His power.


Don’t you see it? A line of women- red, yellow, black or white – tall, short, brunette, blonde – Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal – just squeezing hands together to walk bravely into this world. Isn’t that the best picture EVER?


This is imperfectly brave. A gaggle of women in HOT pursuit of our glorious God.


I can only guess that you have a leap that He is asking you to take. If you don’t, I suggest you ask Him for one. As you stare at that gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be, I see you starting to hold your breath.



Let’s all exhale together.


A wise friend told me this week, we are only in charge of putting our foot in the water. He will perform the miracles. Let’s let our miracle God do what He is best at – miracles – as we simply put one foot in front of another.



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