Just Hang On and Be Brave {a guest blog}

Imperfectly Brave
Come here and take a big listen, friends. My new internet friend, Wynne Elder talks about being brave in one of the biggest battles of her life. And when her days come to an end and when the sun folds itself over the horizon, Wynne talks about how she can wake up the next day and still be brave, even when brave is the last thing she wants to be.

“Just hang on and be brave”…this was a literal statement from my fertility doctor this spring when I called to ask him if the pain + discomfort I was feeling on certain meds was “normal”.  Just. be. brave. he says.



Let me back up, my struggle and desire to conceive a baby in my tummy has lasted almost 7 years.  Infertility we call it.  I don’t like to use the word infertile, because that would leave out any hope – and hope is something I am still clinging to.  Almost seven years of waiting, procedures, poking + prodding, loss, failed attempts, but also adoption and redemption.  This journey has been one that has stretched my faith in ways nothing else has.  Fighting for life is no small feat!  I am so desperate for the Lord and while trust is sometimes hard to come by, it’s what I have.



“when you don’t move the mountains I needed you to move/

when you don’t part the waters I wish I could walk through/

when you don’t give the answers as I cry out to you/

I WILL TRUST IN YOU!” -Lauren Daigle



Tears streamed down my face as I heard this song about trust for the first time, driving down Main Street in our historic downtown.  Each lyric of that chorus is something I can deeply relate to.  The mountains haven’t been moved, the waters haven’t been parted, and the answers aren’t clear in front of me, but TRUST is something I still have.  The beautiful peace I have as a daughter of the King, is that He knows the whole plan, he sees it all.  Isaiah 55 says his ways and thoughts are higher than ours, what a promise!  He is sovereign over all, and everything He does is for his glory.  Not only that, but for my good!  He is for us, and whether the brave He calls us to is picking up your life and moving to the developing world, or simply getting out of bed another day – it’s HIM who makes us brave.



While my “brave” might normally look like putting myself out there, reaching for a big goal, traveling overseas, or starting a new venture – the Lord is showing me lately that my BRAVE in this season is simply trusting him.  Pressing in each day, through the pain and discomfort to him!  He is with us in our grieving, he knows what it’s like cry, and His word says he “catches all our tears in a bottle” (Psalm 56:8)



So whether you struggle (like me in this season) to simply get out of bed and joyfully step into each day, or you have a big exciting opportunity looming that’s calling out that bravery in you — through him, we can be imperfectly brave.  We can TRUST in the Lord and in his big, sometimes mysterious, plan for our lives.  We have a savior who promises not to leave us, so take comfort in that.  He is with you and will never leave you!

Imperfectly Brave
Wynne Elder is a mama + a wife striving to live in deep and authentic community in Bryan, Texas. She is passionate about connecting + knowing people [and being known], and creating spaces of belonging. To follow more about her journey of infertility, being brave and creating spaces, you can follow her on her blog or on social media.

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