Lean In (to the Rock) ::: The Power of Prayer Groups

Imperfectly Brave


Cheryl Sandberg has said it. Lean in. Together we are better. Through the power of peer support, circles are changing lives. And yes, together we are better. I believe she is right, because I too, have leaned in.


But if I may — our leans look a bit different — we tilt a bit of a different way or maybe the same way, but on more solid ground.


For over two years now, the same group of women have been meeting to pray consistently to Almighty God. And at Imperfectly Brave we believe for women everywhere joining prayer groups to lean in. In my personal group, we’ve leaned in to hear one another’s aching places. We’ve leaned in to each other’s dreams. We’ve leaned in to hand Kleenexes and give hugs that soothe souls. We’ve leaned in all right.


But as I mentioned, maybe our leans tilt another way than what Cheryl Sandberg is suggesting. Cheryl is saying lean in to people. And as much as I am a believer in people (and I am a HUGE BELIEVER IN PEOPLE), I also know us at our core. We believe we have power, but our power runs out. We believe we are idea-makers, but our creativity can run dry. We believe we never get jealous, but our human skin creeps with ugliness on occasional. Humans — we can be slippery.


So, this year — the 2016 year — I am going to suggest we lean in all right. But let’s lean in to the Almighty. That we lean into The Rock. That we lean into the one who is the Only Powerful One. That we lean into the Most Creative One. That we lean into the One who is only jealous for our souls. Yeah, let’s lean into this One.


And I’ll never forget what started out as a mere idea of a prayer group has shaped more than we could ever script. We’ve seen dramatic changes in our families. We have seen dreams come to fruition. We have also hurt the way only women can hurt for our families. We have waited and waited and waited for God to act, but in the waiting we’ve leaned in to press our bodies to throne of heaven and nothing — NOT ONE THING — has tasted sweeter.


We’ve been set on new adventures. In fact, Imperfectly Brave would nothing if it weren’t for leaning in to the Almighty. It would be imperfect without the brave. Because yes, He makes us brave. There have been missionaries set on fire. There has been repurposing. There has been birth of new dreams and miracles. And yes, there have been miracles. And sometimes the miracles have been the change in our very hearts.


So, maybe the best thing for us all to do is lean in. And yes, together we are better. And leaning in is changing lives – leaning into the One who loves you too much not to change you. Because that’s who He is. The lover of your soul. Peers are just the added bonus of knowing the keeper of your heart.


Consider starting or joining a prayer group in 2016. It may be the very best lean you’ve ever made.


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