Letting God Redefine Perfectionism ::: Because When I am Weak, He is strong

Dear Imperfectly Brave One,


I want you to know something so weird. I already love you – like a whole lot of love – like you bunches kind of deal. Thank you for joining this Imperfectly Brave journey with me. I wish I could give you a great big hug and squeeze your neck a little tighter than you’re used to. I wish I could hold your hand and pray with you, big, bold prayers before a big, bold God. I wish I could take you out to coffee – just you and me. I would get you a latte in a big ol’ mug and listen to your story. because you have a great big story about you and I want to hear it all.


Maybe someday I can. Until then, please feel the love behind these words. And while we are waiting for our coffee date, I want to begin our conversation of braving these unknown roads together.


Here goes:


I wasn’t at my finest this weekend. I completely lost my cool in public. I was ugly to multiple people and now grace has to cover the wounds that I created. I have no clue how to do all that is in front of me – be a purposeful mom, be a grace-filled wife, work at an incredible clinic, write a book, live imperfectly brave, believe for revival, pray audacious prayers. I am a novice at all of this, just like you.


This weekend I wanted to throw the towel in – all of it. All of imperfectly brave living. Not because it is mine, but because what my heart desires seems too big: Revival. Strongholds broken. A refreshing of the Holy Spirit. I wanted to scream at God’s throne, “I’m done!” The big dream hidden in my small heart – I am done with it all.


And then I remembered that He has called me to imperfectly brave living. And this is why I can handle what God has given me: He was perfect so that I don’t have to be. I can live a purposeful life because He has purposed it that way. I can be brave because He is the strongest brave.


You can too.





We must redefine brave if we are going to be effective in this world. This month we are going to redefine perfectionism. Why? Because the world tells us we have to be perfect. As a woman, this pursuit has trapped our souls. We stay stuck here, spinning our wheels. The perfect pursuit. Meanwhile God is holding His hand out to us – whispering that our leaps of faith are going to be caught in His arms.


As I sat in my car this weekend, mascara lining my cheeks, He let me be weak. He let me lay my un-strength, my un-muscles, my un-supermom pursuit, my imperfect life in front of Him and He held me so tight. As I sat there, He reminded me that when I am weak, He is strong. GOD STRONG. His strength is the irrefutable strength – is the power behind the crashing waves, the light behind the moon and the sparkle behind my daughters’ eyes.


We have all decided it is time to be brave. We can all feel it in our bones. The church is awakening and our hearts are being pried open. So, if we are going to be brave, we need to let God do some major redefining in our lives. Like being weak so that God can be strong. So here’s what we are going to do – together:


Grab a journal. Sneak away for a couple of minutes today and ask God how He wants you to be imperfectly brave this week. Write it down.


This week I will be imperfectly brave by ___________________________________.


I’ll start: This week I will be imperfectly brave by praying for revival, living for revival and believing for revival. #imperfectlybraveliving. Whew. I said it. (Help me in my unbelief Lord). Maybe yours is to speak up at bible study or to make that phone call. Maybe it is to be more discipline. Maybe it is to be the friend to  the unlovable one or the voice for the voiceless. Whatever it is, release yourself from the perfect pursuit and let God’s words sing over you. God’s voice is going to be the only voice that empowers us to be brave.


Redefine perfectionism. Only God’s Word is going to redefine our lives. This week His Word is 2 Corinthians 12:9. Put your printable somewhere you’ll see it. Listen as His Words unlock you into powerful places. Memorize it, recall it, say it out loud to Him all week. And when you walk into your brave places, don’t let perfectionism enslave you; instead in your weakness, let Him be strong. Redefine perfectionism all week long. I’ll do it with you. Kapeash?


Roll call. I’ll be checking in periodically and on Friday we will have one big brave party. We will all come together and talk about our brave things. It will be a big confetti bash, each and every week. Yeah, you will say it out loud because there is validation in saying something so great out loud.


This week I was imperfectly brave by ____________________________________. (Insert confetti here)#imperfectlybraveliving


What if the great, big world was brave – God’s kind of brave? Wouldn’t everything change? I can feel His army starting now. I can see it – all of us in our cute camo and pink boots. I can feel it – in our weakness, He will be strong. Can’t you?


Get after it, girl and I’ll get after it with you. Let’s be imperfectly brave. Be okay with your weakness. Let Him be the strong One this week. And while we are at it – let’s see our world change. One person at a time. One city at a time. One world at a time.



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