Listen: Adopted

“We know people who have been adopted, who are adopted, and to think that the Creator of the Universe made that choice for me and for you. That is something to ponder.” 


This week we have sat in the truth that God adopted us into His family by studying Ephesians 1:5. Mendy Shriver shared with us the two questions this thought poses in her mind:


One: “Mendy, what will you do? How will you get uncomfortable and partner with God to help heal the orphans’ hearts?”


Two: “Will you continue to let God heal your own heart?”


It starts with the second question, to let God heal our hearts, to be our Abba. When we surrender wholly here, He will lead us into incredible territory. To lean into this conversation more, listen as Emily Mabrey and Diana Dunne share another scripture on adoption, Romans 8:15.



How will you claim your adoption rights?


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