Listen: Endure and Persevere

Press in and go the distance with people. Love and persevere with them because that’s when they see the depth of Christ in our lives. And that’s impossible without keeping our eyes on Jesus.

We are a people of shortcuts and apps. We like the fast and easy route. In fact, there is an app for that because no one has time for traffic, nor the patience.

Candace Jeffries and Kelsey Adams give us a good dose of truth from Hebrews 12:1 about what the Lord calls us to…. a life of enduring and persevering. There are no shortcuts when it comes to loving others and delivering the gospel. It is messy and hard. The only way to keep going is to keep our eyes on Jesus.

So hey, we know it’s hard. Take a moment to listen to how these two are enduring. And why don’t you give us a tip as to how you keep persevering, too?