Listen: Equipped

“God uses it  to prepare and equip his people to do every good work.” 2 Timothy 3:17


This week we have all been reminded that in everything our world throws at us we are fully equipped (whether or not we feel like it!) to handle it. As Carrie Flener reminded us, our equipping tool is none other than the Bible and it’s words inspired by God. At Imperfectly Brave, we are certainly convinced that getting into the Word can feel difficult and at times it can feel confusing, but we know that there is nothing else that will satisfy like the water that flows out of this book.  Fresh, living water (which is, believe it or not, better than a Target run!)


We hope you have been either in the Word this week or thinking about a new routine to stay committed to it. The best way we know to stay equipped is to decide in your heart that you want to make it a priority and then ask a sweet group of women around you to maybe start this new habit together. This way you can encourage one another, lift each other up when its hard and celebrate when God speaks sweetly to your soul. Maybe you want to start a prayer group? We’d love to talk about that with you! In the meantime, check out Chrystan and Mendy share about what being equipped has meant in their lives. They are so upbeat they even got new background music! Happy Friday!



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