Listen: Royal Priesthood

You are part of a royal priesthood. You are not made to live a ho-hum life. Because darling girl, you have been set apart.


Do you believe that?


This week we have studied 1 Peter 2:9 where Rachel Hopper reminded us that we “we are poised, ready and able to exude holy living.” And there is no greater call than to live a holy life through the power of the Holy Spirit. And this holiness seeps into every role we play: mothers, co-workers, wives, friends, daughters and citizens. It’s a call that permeates every part of our lives.


Spend a few minutes with us as we discuss further what it means to be part of a royal priesthood. May this discussion be a launching block for you. Because it means nothing if you aren’t having internal dialogue with yourself and God about what He has called you to…and even more…let this be a launching pad for you to start a conversation with someone else!




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