Monday Morning Brave Note

imperfectly brave


Hey girl,


It’s Monday and I thought I would slip you a little note. Here it is — my heart to yours. YOU ARE A WARRIOR WOMAN OF GOD.


No, it’s not because you nailed your weekend and kept everyone alive.
It’s not because your floors are clean.
It’s not because you kept tummies full and danced in the kitchen to keep spirits high and performed the bedtime marathon repeatedly without LOSING IT.


It’s not because you didn’t have to jiggle your pants up your waist this morning just to button them.
It’s not because you had 1,297,328 likes on a facebook post.
It’s not because your to-do list is written and ready to roll.


The world is a bottomless pit and if we keep trying to measure up, we will spin our little wheels into exhaustion. I just spent 30 minutes looking up birthday ideas for my baby’s red barn birthday party. Do you know what I feel compelled to go do now?


A) Throw up.
B) Run through Hobby Lobby and pick up ALL THE THINGS red and gingham.


I might do both.


Can we be each other’s support group? Hi, I am Whitney Putnam, and I can’t do everything.


While we are holding each other up, can I sing something over us? “In repentance and trust is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your trust.” Isaiah 30:15


So dear friend, you are a warrior girl because you are already found in the hands of Jesus. You don’t have to spin any wheels — you don’t even have to go to Hobby Lobby — to remain in His arms.


Deep breath. Feels good, doesn’t it? He is the best God.


Oh yeah, and if you want to learn more about being this kind of warrior girl, sign up for the imperfectly brave weekend today!  It’s going to be so good, girls. Good enough that He might just completely set us free. Yeah, I know, sign me up, too.


PS. If you want love notes sent to your mailbox, go and sign up for brave notes on the site!

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