On Good Friday ::: That Good would Become Great

And today, all I can muster is a prayer. Would you pray with me?


Oh God,


It is for greatness that we sit under your cross today. Days ago, it was palm branches, today, it is the wood under your back and the nails in your hands. It is the weight of my destruction that puts pressure on the cross.


And You hurt because You became human, and Your flesh is pierced there on the cross, but your love is greater, and so you stay for my very soul. You stay.


“Therefore you are great, O Lord God. For there is none like you.”


The blood rolled and the cross hung shadow over the people. It hung over me, this shadow of a cross, because I will always be able to find refuge under Your wings. Today, I still find refuge.


For greatness.


The mocking and the scorn and the crown of thorns drove into your forehead. And all the voices, wailing, cheers and beating of chests; all these voices rise before your throne, even now.


Even now your dying is for greatness. For greatness. For greatness.


And who, who O Lord, am I that you would die for me? Who am I, O Lord that you cared?


You redeem me, your blood rolled, you breathed wretched last breaths for the greatest story to be told not just in one generation




Your great story doesn’t end. You are alive. You are living. Though this world seems heavy you have left us with one mission. (((You have left me with one mission.)))


To love you and to tell others about you in that love.


“Because of your promise, and according to your own heart, you have brought about all this greatness to make your servant know it.”


May we not see the cross as the end of your greatness and may we not hear the words, “it is finished,” and think that we are finished; lest, we miss out on the greatest adventure our earth could ever hold.


For we are the light of the world, not to be beacons of our own glory, but to tell the greatest story ever told. Far be it from me to take light the Great Commission. Far be it from my generation. Oh God, show us your greatness!




I confess that I turn to this world for greatness and I confess that it never satisfies. There are holes in me. You made me this way so that I can know you, but instead, I go to this world and stuff and pack and fill when I always come back empty. You died, not so that I might live chained to fear this world, but you died, so that I might see your greatness reign on earth as it does in Heaven.


Manifest yourself in these days, O Lord. Would you, please? My heart longs to see Your work and watch You overcome. And any way I get to play a role in revealing your love to others may I do it knowing that your great love covers every aching soul.


And would you use your church? Would you unify us? Would you make us unafraid?


Because what could I do, Oh God, if I really did not fear?


Oh Come, Lord Jesus, come. Would you? Would you come and breathe just ONE BREATH into our sails so that the greatness of the cross would be told in my generation. That it would be told well. Make us great storytellers God, not so that my generation is the great one, but so that you are made greater.


Until heaven comes to earth.


In thy great name, Jesus Christ, we pray,


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  1. Yes, yes and yes. Praying for His breath to blow me in all the right directions.

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