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Imperfectly Brave exists to create a lifestyle of prayer and community.


Why the name Imperfectly Brave?

When we pray, may of us ask what are we supposed to do next? What is God’s will for my life? At Imperfectly Brave, we believe that our bravest place is in God’s arms. It’s in getting good and quiet with God in prayer that we can begin to align our lives with the very purpose he has for us.

Why praying together in community?

Not only do we believe that praying together is what our society needs. We are in a loneliness epidemic where women feel more silo-ed and alone than ever. But what firmly grounds us in our belief of praying together is that Jesus taught us all over scripture to pray together. When the disciples asked Jesus how to pray, he actually taught them how to pray in corporate language, “Our Father in heaven, your name be honored as holy...give us today our daily bread. And forgive us our debts as we also have forgiven our debtors. ”Our, we, us --- we long to pray the same way in this century --- together.

How we accomplish our mission.

We create a lifestyle of prayer and community in three ways:

RESOURCES: The Bible will always be our source of absolute truth. Imperfectly Brave is committed to studying prayer and community scripturally and releasing free Bible studies for women of all ages and backgrounds to engage with and grow closer to God and one another. Our resources are coming soon, stay tuned!

IMPERFECTLY BRAVE KANSAS CITY: We believe in discipling those within our very own spheres of influence and IB’s birth home is in the fabulous Kansas City. So we birthed Imperfectly Brave Kansas City where women can come from all denominations and build community under the banner of Jesus. At IBKC women can expect rich biblical content expressed in practical ways, to worship freely before the Lord and form new, rich community.

RED: We hear it all the time: praying together can feel scary. And it can. In order to pray together, you have to open up and share your struggles. Many of us also fear praying out loud. We get it. Praying with others can feel like riding a bike knowing you are going to fall at any given second. RED is our event where we “practice prayer.” We all hop on the bike together and try to ride it. Because truth of the matter is we can only learn to ride a bike if we keep hopping on and giving it a try. We host RED in Kansas City and we will also take it to your church. More information about RED is coming soon.