Pray With Us: Co-Laborer

Pray With Us: Co-Laborer




You say the workers are few but the needs are many. Today, in this moment right now, I pray

that You would mold me and shape me into a woman who is willing to do the work with You. To

do that hard thing. To lay brick after brick as You have called, even when I haven’t seen what we

are building.

Father, I pray that You open my eyes to see where You are working, and that You would open

my heart in the willingness to join You there, no matter the call. May I ___________________

(your name) please You as Your worker, Your field, and Your building. May I remember that I am

a part of Your rescue plan and that I am Your reward in this plan.

Father, may our lives, marriages, churches, communities and beyond be changed by the rolling

up of our sleeves and the laying of bricks cemented in our overflowing love for You and those

around us.



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