Pray With Us: God's Workmanship

Pray With Us: God’s Workmanship


Lord, today I seek You. I praise You. I ask of You.


I am thankful for this life–this one life to live out good works and bring You glory. God, I ask You to equip me to do this task, so my character would be one that would exalt You. Father, I pray I would take action and work alongside You to fight the injustice of the world, to fight for truth, to fight for love, to be Your hands and feet.


I thank you, Lord, that You look at the beautiful workmanship of my life and say, “It is good.” May I also look at this body, at this face, at these hands and say, “It is good because my Creator says so.” Because I am Your masterpiece.


May I use my gifts and my talents to glorify You in all I do.



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