Pray With Us: Abide

Dear God,

Thank you for joining me to You. Thank you for taking my weak branch and attaching it to Your strong vine, so that my leaves might grow and turn toward the sun.

I feel You pruning this part of my life: ______________________________; and this part: _________________________; and even this part: ____________________________.

Thank you for pruning me, even as I am already, in fact, pruned! You continue to want me to live a richer, fuller life. For that, I am grateful. And Father, today I don’t want to worry so much about abiding, but rather I want to experience Your abiding joy.

May I experience Your joy in ______________________ (location), ____________________ (event), and __________________ (person).

Thank you, God, for allowing Your joy to be inside of me. I love You. I trust You.

In Your name I pray, Amen.