Pray With Us: Diligent in Prayer


Pray With Us: Diligent in Prayer


Dear God,


I confess that I have treated You as a visitor. I have tried to clean myself up before coming to You. My mess has kept me from boldly approaching Your throne, even though You promise me grace and mercy.


Lord, in all actuality this is pride and self-preservation. I want to pretend I can handle it on my own, so I try and try to make everything presentable before I ever make it to You. And truth be told, that means sometimes I never make it to meeting You in prayer because I am so busy “preparing” for prayer.


But You promise to meet me in my mess. And You never mention that in order to be diligent, I must be sparkly clean. Diligence has nothing to do with cleanliness; it has everything to do with consistency.


So here I am, Lord, meeting You on my countertop, my couch, my workplace and my bedroom. It’s all a mess, but I’ll keep coming to You. Thank you that I can keep coming; thank you that each time You meet me with mercy and grace.