Pray With Us: Kind Speech


Pray With Us: Kind Speech



Help my speech to be like Yours, seasoned with salt and the most compelling. When You walked the dusty roads of this planet, people dropped their fishing poles and money bags to follow You. Your speech was always gracious because Your mission was to save us all. Give me the same mission; help my speech to spread the good news.

And when my speech or my thoughts aren’t kind, give me the humility to admit my sin and to swiftly ask for forgiveness. In those moments, Lord, use my weakness for Your glory. Let my transparency with my own struggles free someone else to do the same.

And Lord, in our brokenness put us back together with Your healing hands, like You promised to do as the master potter. Help me make the most of every opportunity. Don’t let my words be like a clattering gong, but let them be laced with love and truth.

Thank you for being the perfect example of kind speech.