Pray With Us: Pure of Heart


Pray with Us: Pure of Heart


If I am honest with You, there are parts of my heart I would rather You not search. God, sometimes I just want to hold a grudge for a while. I want to give ____________ what the world says they “deserve.” I want to indulge in worldly things like_______ and _______ without guilt or regret. I want to be bitter and not forgive that person who hurt me.

But God, how ridiculous is it that I think I can hide from You and Your ways?! You know all my thoughts, all my actions. You know every part of my heart better than I do, because You made it. You designed me. I know that, on my own, my heart will never be pure. I know that, on my own, I will go back to the world and its ways over and over again….only to be let down over and over again.

But You, Lord, will never let me down. I can’t even begin to understand Your ways because You love me so much; even while I was dead in my sin and filth, You died for me. You say in Your Holy Word that nothing brings You more joy than a sinner returning! God, make me a returner. And with every turn back to You, chip away the ugly bits of my heart.

Lord, I once was scared to let You in to purify my heart. But now I beg You. I want nothing more than to have You—my good, good Father—search my heart, know my thoughts and point out any grievous way in me. I want to be on the path that leads to the way everlasting. I want to be on Your path.

Today, when my heart starts to spoil and turn away, may the Holy Spirit (my Helper, who dwells within me) be quick to return me to You. Purify me, Oh God!