Praying Dangerously Together : Part Three

Just last week my family had a bit of a scare. One doctor appointment led to another doctor appointment and before we knew it, we were living in a bit of a nightmare-ish day.

Nightmare days don’t ever come when we want them, do they?

Because life goes on in the midst of the bad dream, moving parts need to be taken care of in order to make life work. While we were at the second doctor appointment, my husband and I both realized we would not be able to go and get our daughters from school. Panic set in. Who do you call when you know everyone already has an already full to extremely-full schedule? Who do you ask to put their life on hold so that your needs might be met?

Many of you might know exactly whom you’d call, while many others would feel paralyzed.

I can fall in either camp at any moment.

Because we live in a very “me” driven society it can feel like such an imposition to call on someone we know and trust for help. We either don’t want to be a burden or we don’t want someone to see that we actually need assistance because HEAVEN FORBID.

But what we see in Acts 2 is a completely different mentality of people that pray dangerously together. We see the early church shift their priorities from “me” to “we.”

Acts 2:46 reads, “Every day they devoted themselves to meeting together in the temple, and broke bread from house to house.”

What a simple verse with incredible implications. Every single day these people met with one another because they became family. It became necessary to see one another, help one another and be in each other’s presence. And from the looks of it, everyone’s doors seemed to be open to the other.

Here are some hard-hitting questions for all of us:

When was the last time your door swung open every day to that of a brother or sister in Christ?

Has “your table” become “our table?”

Has “your bread,” become “our bread?”

And harder yet, has “your time” become “our time?”

The beauty of those that pray together is that slowly everything we once held tightly begins to shift. We begin to care more about opening our homes, opening our hearts and giving away our time.

Let’s rewind to my nightmare-ish day. While still in panic mode, we called one of my prayer partners to pick up the girls. Do you know what she said? Yes. She said yes because she sees my family as her family. She has shifted “her time” to “our time.” And she knows deep down that living like this is the life Jesus imagined for us.

So, what is it that you are clinging tightly to? Is it downtime? Is it sleep? Is it money? What idols do you still have wrapped around a “me” mentality? Or are you simply too worried about asking someone else to share their life with you? If so, what are you really worried about?

Women who pray dangerously together become women who share lives together. And this type of life – this is a life worth living.

PS Start your life worth living with this simple checklist.