Pursuing Dreams: Some People Won't Care About Your Dream

pursuing dreams


It’s been almost a month since I’ve officially stepped into Imperfectly Brave full-time, but it’s been my dream and part-time (full-time) job for almost two and a half years. I’ve learned a thing or two about leadership and pursuing dreams and I decided it’s time to share what it’s felt like to be a normal girl with a dream, in a normal city with a normal family, while serving an extremely un-normal God.


Because maybe you are sitting there on the other side of this screen (hello!) with a dream, too.


So, I thought we could do this together.


This month (and longer, who knows? I’m a rebel like that), we’re going to look at leadership and dreams and real life and kids. We are going to talk about dream-chasing while making dinners and going to gymnastics classes. And leadership while wiping hands and doing laundry and feeling oh la la to our husbands.


And to be honest, all of this feels like a detour for me as I typically chase after topics like prayer and our giant God and the local church. So let’s pretend I’m not a newbie at this and roll with me.


First in the docket about chasing a dream?


Some people won’t care about your dream.


I’m telling you this because I want to free all the people around you and in so doing, free yourself. So say it with me, “Some people won’t care about the dream hidden in my heart.” In the same breath, let me say this: some people will care, some people will care even more than you (hallelujah). Focus on these people most. But mainly focus on God.


His voice and His call over your life matters more than the one thousand human opinions.


Pursuing Dreams
{Photo credit: Unsplash | Greg Raines}


Pursuing Dreams
{Photo credit: Unsplash | Steve Richey}




Understanding that some people won’t care about your dream should free you into the run of your lifetime, rather than paralyzing you at the starting line. I’ve spent too much time needing someone’s approval to move forward, when I already possessed all the approval in the One who placed the dream in my heart in the first place.


(Yeah, that dream in your heart — if aligned with God’s will — is most likely from the King Himself. And if you don’t know, ask Him. He’ll tell you. Did you know He’s personal like that?)


I want to homeschool because…


I want to see women freed from sex-trafficking in my city so I…


I want to feel healthy so that I can…


As you rattle off your dreams, some won’t fully get it. Nor should they. It was never their dream in the first place.


God has been sweet to assemble a group of like-minded women who all believe for prayer revival at Imperfectly Brave.  And if you were to ask us if we understand this concept, we would all resound with a big head nod. When we tell people that we want to see the whole globe praying, we’ve gotten loads of fist-pumps. We’ve also received loads of apathy.


If the Imperfectly Brave girls only chased our dream based on people’s opinions, it would be six-feet-deep and ain’t any of us going to get a shovel.


I have loads of other examples. I have crazy talented friends, but if they sat around waiting for approval from humans, the world may never see their talents. If my friend, Chrystan, only chased her dream of becoming a worship leader based on the amount of applause, she would eventually have to stop. If Sandra only kept her business running due to people’s opinion, her gifts may never be utilized. If my sweet husband only pastored because there were hundreds saved every weekend, he wouldn’t be living his calling.


So surely there is something that has to keep those dreams alive. Keep you running free. Yes, you’re right. You’ve come to the right place.




So here’s my leadership, blow-your-mind, someone-go-get-me-a-publishing-contract tip:


Write it down.


Go ahead and write that God-given dream down somewhere. Whatever it is write it out with words, in a complete sentence. Then, keep it somewhere that you can revisit. Because Lord knows that you are going to need to revisit it.


Want to lose five pounds so you can feel better about being a daughter of the King? Write it down.


Want to write a book? Write it down.


Want to love your people so well that they come to know Jesus through you? Write it down.


Want to start a non-profit that breathes life into single moms? Write it down.


Because you will have days, weeks, years of feeling like that dream is unobtainable. People won’t care about the pavement you’ve pounded. You will even begin to believe that you misheard God in the first place.


Go back to the piece of paper. Remember. Lift your chin and start running again. Next pointer?


Pursuing Dreams



If you are like me, you might peek at that dream once or twice and think, tomorrow. Tomorrow will definitely be the day that I do something about that dream. Or maybe you are waiting for that one person to speak into your dream, to give you the green light.




Make it today.


Like right now, close this blog and get after it.


When God speaks a dream in your heart it is ultimately between you and Him.


So go girl. Just go. And if you mess up? Who cares. God is sovereign. You won’t foil His plan. And if the someone doesn’t care, let them go. You care. You wildly care and that will be enough. Today, let it be enough.


PS What if you started writing down your dream here? What if you told this Imperfectly Brave tribe whats on your heart? We promise to be gentle with you and hold your dream carefully.


PPS Some of you are reading this and thinking, but my spouse doesn’t care. Or I am facing a reality so big (infertility, deep loss, etc) that impossible is only one of the issues. May this be a season of sweet prayer and intense seeking of God’s face. God sees. God knows. God will intervene and create beauty from those ashes.

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