Seven Ways to Step Into History

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It is our time to step into history, church. It’s God’s time to take back famous. Can’t you feel it?


Days ago, the streets of Baltimore looked like a war zone. Fire consumed cars and smoke billowed over the roads. Hearts ran angry. Our nation is being ripped at the cracks in all of our dry ground. We are breaking, America. Perhaps we have no earthly solution – we have not near enough water – to bring the ground back to life again and therefore, bring its people back to life.


But God. He brings life into dry bones. And we all walk.


Because days ago, God’s people reached outside of their churches and held hands. In the news report, the announcer watching the clergy take back the streets said,




Church, this is our place. We need to take back famous. Famous has gotten such a glitterfied, Hollywood hype from our American minds. We have mistaken fame for fortune. We have been deceived. We have sought the glitter when all we need is God. Oh girls, let us be light for His name. Now is not the time to shrink back – not at His feet and not in the world.




He is and He will through His people. I am seeing women rise up out of the dark places and BE ACTUAL LIGHT. I am seeing them scrape off the glitter of the world and get with God. He is breathing new life into His girls and we are waking up. Want to know what the world will do with wide-awake Jesus women? BE SO INCREDIBLY VIBRANT, that’s what.


Lynn Hybels said, “women are the greatest untapped resource in the world” and I have to say, I do believe she is right. Women are tapping in and we are recognizing our many gifts; our gifts of compassion, passionately driven hearts, love for beauty and kindness and mercy and grace. We are seeing our worth for what we really are. CHILDREN OF THE ONE TRUE KING. Because dear girl, your Redeemer lives within you, which means you are a force to be reckoned with.


Because in a world where everything is crumbling and slipping through our hands, now is the time that we have to not waste our life. We have to be mindful of our minutes and our time and our to-do lists and our idols. We have to break them with fists closed shut and keep our eyes on the only One – the Creator One – because if we don’t we will look back and think,




Let me tell you: You weren’t made for mediocrity. You just weren’t. So stop believing it. How do you stop? How do you know your place? How do you not just let the riots of Baltimore pass and not see your place as a one of the most important roles in history?


You step into history, that’s how. We let God take back Famous. Below are Seven Ways to Step Into History. It won’t be easy, but it will be TOTALLY WORTH IT.


Get with God.


If we are going to be the healers, church, we are going to have to stop looking right and left and look STRAIGHT ahead. We are going to have to get so fixated on the throne that our gaze will not be torn. If ever there has been a time to be imperfectly brave, it is now, but the only way to know how to be brave is to be in His arms. Let’s make time for this, girls. Let’s make this our first priority.  He will be our first love and He will give us a fearless nature. Let’s get with Him first and quite literally everything else will be laid out before us.


You have a place.


You have a holy calling. Yes, you. It is above all, to love God and then to love other people. God has given you all sorts of ways to accomplish this. Some of us will create, some of us will kill it in an office building, some of us will hold hands of babies and walk through libraries. BUT YOU. YOU GIRL. Your place is mapped out in the kingdom. Give weight to that. Let God give you purpose. Release your holy calling.


“We can only keep on going, after all, by the power of God, who first saved us and then called us to this holy work. We had nothing to do with it. It was all his idea, a gift prepared for us in Jesus long before we knew anything about it. But we know it now. Since the appearance of our Savior, nothing could be plainer: death defeated, life vindicated in a steady blaze of light, all through the work of Jesus.” 2 Timothy 1:9


Stop Running.


Jonah didn’t have a good outcome. If God has given you a way to be brave, go and do that thing. Go do it today. Don’t wait any more. It isn’t doing anyone a favor except for Satan. He is winning when we run. I am a big fan of not ever letting him win, like ever. So, let’s not give him the opportunity anymore, girls. Let’s just not.


Have fun.


The enemy has lied to us and told us that doing the things of God are going to be hard and full of terrible, horrible feelings and heavy on the ugly, tired and lonely. I am here to say that yes, things will be hard. There will be suffering. Getting out and moving into the world will be hard, but want to know what is harder? Wasting our lives.


Erase perfect.


Stop trying to be so perfect. Perfect is such a worldly thing and such an impossible standard. You weren’t made to save the world so please stop trying. Start creating. Start writing. Start speaking. Stumble and fall big time. It will be worth it because when you fall He becomes greater.


Be intentional.


Our minutes become our marching orders. They are precious and valuable. In making God famous, some things may have to go. God will let us know what they are. Maybe it is some TV time, maybe it is some unhealthy habit, maybe it some veg time that we could give to a neighbor or leaving some level of comfort. Whatever it is, let’s be intentional about our minutes.


Don’t lose passion.


“Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” Romans 12:11


The riots of Baltimore will pass, just like 9/11 did, the 21 egyptian martyrs, the riots in Ferguson, and the earthquake of Nepal. These days will all come and go but let us be the ones known to for loving relentlessly. Do you know how appealing that would be? Do you know how bright we would shine if we stopped hiding our passion and rather let it fuel us? It would light up the whole world. THE GREAT BIG WORLD.


Love outward.


Let us take back LOVE. Let us be the peacemakers. Let us be the compassionate ones. Divisions are breaking us, church. May we keep being beautiful – hand in hand beautiful.


Download Seven Ways to Step Into History


It is time, Kingdom daughters, to let God be famous again. We each have our place. What is yours? I would love to know. For me, it is time to complete my book Imperfectly Brave Living and step fully into my role as an author and a speaker. That being said, I am going to be quiet around here until the end of May. Subscribers of this blog will still get Brave notes weekly. You can still follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Oh yeah and BEST NEWS EVER. Bailey Langdon will be releasing IBL prints weekly on the blog. I might be quiet but the traffic won’t stop completely.


So what is your place? Where is God calling you? Maybe all you need to know right know is that your place at the feet of God. I can’t think of any better spot. I’m joining you there, girl. And as we sit there and then move into our world, let’s hold hands and pray a single prayer together – all our voices together –


Oh God,

Would you breathe on your people once again? Would you stir? Would you stir one big giant stir of revival? Take back famous, God. And may we be willing to step into history to watch you claim what is rightfully yours.






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  1. Lovely. Just lovely. I read today in judges about a woman who dropped a rock off a wall onto the attackers head….and she ended a war, saved herself and everyone else in that city. Sometimes being a part of history may seem big thing, or maybe it’s just dropping rocks on the enemies head… at a time.

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