It's Not You, It's Me: a social media break

social media break




I love this little space of ours. Truly. It feels like each week we can come to the table, have a sweet conversation and talk through some of our crazy world. I love that we can talk about big topics via Facebook and Instagram. Most of the time I am energized by it and my heart flutters each time we chat.


But to be honest, I need a break.


And what I really want you to know is that it’s not you. It’s me.




As I prepare for the Imperfectly Brave Weekend, I need to create space to hear from God. And although I have space, I need to make that space a bit quieter. I bit more sacred. I plan on hopping off everything (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) for the next two weeks (or until the Lord reveals). The rest of the Imperfectly Brave team will be posting all the good things (they are seriously the best). And we will still be preparing for the upcoming weekend.


So why does this affect you — our little tribe?


Because during this break, I would love if you prayed for Imperfectly Brave. Pray that myself, the other speakers, the worship leaders and prayer group leaders would be completely in tune with what the Lord wants us to say.  We need your prayers because this vision is bigger than anything we could have dreamed up on our own. You see, we believe that every single woman has an imperfectly brave life. And we believe it is our mission to gently (yet fiercely) bring us into our bravest place — God’s arms. That kind of a vision needs prayer + space.


Thank you in advance for praying. God hears. If you want to keep up with Imperfectly Brave make sure you head over to our Facebook page and Instagram. We would even love to have you at our worship night. (It’s incredible). And if you haven’t yet registered for the weekend yet, consider this my personal invitation from me to you. We would love to have you there.


All my love,


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