Soul Stories: Brianne Henry

Soul Stories: Brianne Henry

After moving to a new city where she knew no one, Brianne found herself praying in big and bold ways for God to provide the desires of her heart. The desire for close friends to pray with. Hear her story of being somewhat new to a prayer group but how it has already changed her in big ways! It will encourage you!


Here are a few more thoughts from Bri on how her prayer life is being shaped:

  1. Please describe the value you placed on prayer before beginning your prayer group so we can get a feel of your journey.

I knew prayer was important but had a hard time keeping myself accountable to it.

  1. What has been one of the deepest joys that has come from praying with other women?

A feeling of belonging, knowing that I’m not alone in my struggles, people speaking truth into my life.

  1. Can you share one prayer God answered either in the way you prayed or a new way? 

God answered my prayer for authentic friendships by bringing my prayer group girls to me & my church!

  1. In what ways do you feel connected to the women you are praying with?

They know some of my junk and I know theirs and that is okay. We check in with each other throughout the week to see how things are going. I know they think of & pray for me often. I also love their kids & husbands – it’s not just the women who bond, entire families are joined together through women praying.

  1. What would you say to a woman thinking about beginning a prayer group?

Do it!!! Ask some women to join you and be vulnerable first. The rest will follow if you are brave enough to show them vulnerability is okay.

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