Soul Stories: Colette Clemens

Soul Stories Colette Clemens

Colette Clemens is a wife, a busy mama, a leader within her church and a light in the Kansas City community.  Her story of praying with other women is honest + refreshing. Why? Because she was the Christian already “doing it all.” Why add one more thing to her already full schedule? But she said “yes” to praying together and it has transformed her. Listen as she candidly shares about her experience praying with other women and read more about why she continues to make it a priority.

Please describe the value you placed on prayer before beginning your prayer group so we can get a feel of your journey.

I have always known prayer was an integral part of my Christian walk. I am in a small group and we pray together and share our prayers and I have personally felt the impact of prayer, so I felt like I was already walking out prayer in my life. I think I would have even checked that part of my time with the Lord as a success and worked on other parts of my faith more intentionally. But I was missing the part of my walk where I get together with a group of women, not for social reasons but to pray. Simply to pray!

What has been one of the deepest joys that has come from praying with other women?

After consistently meeting with the same group of women and regularly sharing my life through transparency and obedience, without hesitation, I feel a new freedom and joy in the Lord I have never felt. I didn’t know that I was falling so short in the sweetness that is praying with women to my Heavenly Father in an intimate setting. Spending time listening to the Lord with other women and even hearing what God was sharing with these women for me.

Can you share one prayer God answered either in the way you prayed or a new way?

Specifically, last year I was struggling with my husband having a new job and feeling overwhelmed with a new schedule. Through very specific prayer, it was clear where satan was manipulating situations. It was then through prayer, that in these times of attack I could reach out to my prayer group and instantly feel a peace and calm that can only come through the Holy Spirit. This was a major turning point in even how I interacted with the Lord. Not only did I cry out to him, but my sisters in Christ cried out on my behalf.  

In what ways do you feel connected to the women you are praying with?

The women in my prayer group have been friends for a while, but during the time we have been together we have all had major life changes. Whether it was through job changes, children being born, or marital growth, we have walked alongside each other in prayer with the Lord’s leading. We have all stated at multiple times we didn’t realize how much we needed a prayer group, as all of us were leading other ministries and forgot how important it was to come before the Lord with a group of other women and just have real discussions.

What would you say to a woman thinking about beginning a prayer group?

If you are wondering if you should start or join a prayer group… YES!  But with this caveat. It cannot be another box to be checked. We live our lives with “holy should” and this cannot be that. This is biblical. God calls us here. So be intentional and do not allow yourself to skimp on this.  Be purposeful in who you ask to be in your prayer group. Create a prayer group with women who will love you and also keep you accountable. Pray for strength for the Lord and start talking about it and praying about it. You will be amazed how God will use your faithfulness.