Soul Stories: Katrina Foster

Katrina Foster is the friend you long to have. She is loyal, a good listener, and always seems to be willing to invest and help in other people’s lives. Katrina is a wife and mom to two boys while living in Kansas City. She is a light in a dark world as she diligently gives her all while working for the city. And if you ever have the pleasure of her company, you will instantly see that she longs to do good all around her in every way she can. Listen as she shares how prayer group has transformed her.

Please describe the value you placed on prayer before beginning your prayer group so we can get a feel of your journey.

As a kid growing up, my mom had a way of weaving prayer into the everyday, not just the “big” moments that prayer tends to feel natural in. She probably doesn’t realize the impact it had on me, especially her popcorn prayers, said out loud in the course of everyday life while driving or doing dishes. Even in seasons when I was distant or struggled with God, there has been a lifeline of prayer that has always seemed available.

What has been one of the deepest joys that has come from praying with other women?

I’ve found the joy of having a safe place to be vulnerable and real with each other and our Heavenly Abba/Daddy. It’s allowed me to pray through different seasons of struggle and make room collectively for the quiet needed to hear His voice.

Can you share one prayer God answered either in the way you prayed or a new way?

Drawing close to Him together is challenging me to seek Him more than my belief in what is just or fair. It’s helping me release my grip on advocating for my desired outcome to prayer requests above His will.

In what ways do you feel connected to the women you are praying with?

The first time I met with my prayer group, I came away in awe of a beautiful beginning of prayer and connection. Having the ability to reach out throughout the week and support one other spiritually and emotionally has been amazing.

What would you say to a woman thinking about beginning a prayer group?

Our group has trudged through the challenges of full schedules, transportation, and differences and it is worth it!