Soul Stories: Rosa Worley

Rosa Worley not only has great hair, but her heart is beyond beautiful. Rosa has an incredible story of what it’s looked like in the past several years to step boldly and passionately into pursuing Jesus and leading others to Him. On a week-to-week basis, you can find her doing hair, leading Bible studies or simply spending time with her husband. In today’s “Soul Stories,” Rosa shares just how prayer group has transformed her. She was hesitant to step into a group, but now she has a whole new story to tell! We think you will be able to relate to much of what she’s saying. Listen in and let us know!

Please describe the value you placed on prayer before beginning your prayer group so we can get a feel of your journey.

The value wasn’t there really. Prayer was happening in my life, but just on a surface level.

What has been one of the deepest joys that has come from praying with other women?

It’s been such a joy to see our relationships with Jesus become REAL!!!  We’ve all struggled with some heavy things since starting to meet, yet each of us have a peace that only comes from God. Satan has tried big time to destroy our minds through this time as well, and we have had to battle that…but having a new, intimate relationship with Jesus allows us to take those battles to Him.

Can you share one prayer God answered either in the way you prayed or a new way? 

So many to share!  One that stands out was I got a call right before prayer group Monday morning asking if my husband and I would be willing to adopt a baby. The teenage mother was contemplating abortion and her cousin (a friend of mine) had told her we might be interested. It was a shock and scary, yet exciting all at the same time. We really prayed for this young mother to not abort and for God’s will on us adopting. Thankfully, she is still pregnant! All praise to Jesus! It looks like she is even going to raise the baby herself. We are still praying for God’s will in this situation, but we are so glad that baby is still kicking in the womb!

In what ways do you feel connected to the women you are praying with?

Having not known these women, it’s been amazing how no we are very close and talk all week. We already are sharing things that we don’t share with anyone else because we know it’s not about us, but about being real so we can take it to the Lord!!

What would you say to a woman thinking about beginning a prayer group?

DO IT! It truly will change your life and relationship with the Lord more than you can ever imagine!

To start your prayer group, find our easy prayer group checklist here.