Soul Stories: Sandrea Houseman

Sandra Houseman is an entrepreneur with a specific goal. She wants to see women take their dreams and turn them into reality. She does this in her 9-5 but those of us at Imperfectly Brave know Sandra on a completely different level. We know this is her heart’s cry every second of every day. We also knows she loves her family deeply. She can rock out with her husband and their band, Real Life Revival. She also can stay and rock her baby, Corbin, and be beautifully content. We can’t wait for you to hear how Sandra’s life has been affected by a prayer group.

Please describe the value you placed on prayer before beginning your prayer group so we can get a feel of your journey.

I’ve always valued prayer and it’s been something that has come pretty easy to me in my walk with the Lord. However, praying out loud with others has always intimidated me.

What has been one of the deepest joys that has come from praying with other women?

Praying with other women has helped me realize that praying out loud shouldn’t scare me but it’s just talking with God. The relationships I’ve formed have been one of my deepest joys.

Can you share one prayer God answered either in the way you prayed or a new way?

When I first started prayer group I was working jobs that I didn’t enjoy. It seemed like my prayers were a broken record year after year praying for God to show me the purpose he had for my life. It took a few years, but God finally began to lead me down a path of entrepreneurship and now I get to pour into other ladies in my own business while working a schedule that works for our family.

In what ways do you feel connected to the women you are praying with?

I feel like they are my closest friends because I can share anything with them. They are there through everything to encourage and support me.

What would you say to a woman thinking about beginning a prayer group?

I would say that there’s no better time to dive in than right now. You never know what struggled will come your way next and having that support group is crucial.

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