The Gift Your Wife Truly Wants For Christmas {Part Three}

wife truly wants for ChristmasLast week I challenged us to try to spend time alone with God in prayer and Bible reading for at least four days. How did you do on the challenge? If you spent time alone with God I know it was beneficial for you and my prayer is that spending consistent time alone with God will be the new normal in your life. If you did not do well with the challenge last week, let me encourage you to try again this week.


There are always new beginnings.


Over the last few weeks we have been talking about what your wife really wants for Christmas. Your wife wants you to be the spiritual leader of your home. Joseph provides a great Biblical example of spiritual leadership as he spends consistent time with God, seeking God’s will for his life. He instantly and fully obeys God, and he obeys God no matter the earthly costs. This week we are looking at instantly and fully obeying God and next week we will conclude this blog series by discussing obeying God no matter the costs.


Let’ s look at Matthew 1:24-25 to dive further into Joseph’s story:


“When Joseph woke from sleep, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded him: he took his wife,  but knew her not until she had given birth to a son. And he called his name Jesus.” Matthew 1:24-25


Men, we are to instantly and fully obey God. When Joseph hears that it is God’s will for him to marry Mary, he does exactly that. He does not wake up and put together a pro and con list of whether or not he should obey God. He does not think up different options of how to handle the situation, and he does not sit on this command for a few weeks to make sure that God really wants him to marry Mary.


Joseph knows what God has told him to do, so he wakes up from his sleep and instantly marries his pregnant fiancee.


I imagine Joseph waking up in the middle of the night, putting on his clothes and walking over to Mary’s house. I see him banging on the door, waking up the household and telling Mary to get dressed because they are going to go get married right now. Off they go! Married!


Here we see Joseph leading his new family spiritually by instantly and fully obeying God.


And please note, Joseph’s obedience was not a onetime occurrence; rather, this is simply how he lived his life.


Once the baby was born, we see Joseph obey God by naming the baby Jesus. When we fast forward to the second chapter of Matthew we see three occasions where God speaks to Joseph in the middle of the night and tells him to move his family to another town to live.


Joseph is consistently seeking God, and when God speaks to him and tells him to move, he instantly and fully obeys. He wakes Mary up, gathers their belongings and moves in the middle of the night to where God told him to go. Then further on in chapter two, we see two other times that God tells Joseph in the middle of the night to pack up his stuff and move his family … and every single time Joseph instantly obeys.


Gentlemen, for us to be the spiritual leaders of our home, we must spend consistent time alone with God in Bible study and prayer, seeking God’s will for our life. When God asks us to do something, we need to listen and obey.


Maybe during your time alone with God, the Lord convicts you of your temper with your wife and children. Or maybe He is leading you to go and apologize to a co-worker. Or maybe He is possible leading you to take a new job. We must spend time alone with God to know how He is leading in our lives, and if we have a word from the Lord, we must obey.


Of course, there will be earthly costs to this obedience and we will discuss those in our final blog post next week.


Let me challenge you this week to once again spend consistent time with the Lord and whatever God leads in your life, be faithful to obey. When you do this, you will be on your way to giving your wife the gift she truly wants for Christmas.

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