The Imperfectly Brave Story ::: Edition 3 ::: The Imperfectly Brave Weekend

Imperfectly Brave


As I type these words, I sit listening to one of God’ s most magnificent creations. The water is curling into waves to lap against ground only to come up under itself and roll out again. God watches and counts the tiny pieces of sand. Nothing outside of my children and my husband makes me marvel more at God than the sea. While jogging this morning, I stopped at this pier to snap a photo. It felt safe to me — like it led me somewhere. And as I think about why I was drawn to this wooden structure jetting up through the waves — it’s clear now — that bridge is essentially what God has been building for me. For a year and a half since God called me to Imperfectly Brave, He has been building a pier — He has been keeping me strong as the waves have warred against me and my family. He has been calling me deeper and farther than I ever thought I could go. He is being the builder and I am learning how to let Him, because quite honestly, He builds far more beautiful things than I ever could.


Oh girls, how I want you to join me out on that pier. If God has brought you this far, somehow, someway, you are already a part of the Imperfectly Brave fold. He is already weaving you in and is whispering to your soul. He most assuredly brought you here so that you can remember what you are called to and gratefully, soon, you will be fully equipped to live an imperfectly brave life. So, sit for a moment and remember that you have great purpose. Take a deep breath. Don’t rush through these words because God is doing something lovely in you right now. He is preparing you for something worthy ahead, He always has been — He is ushering you into your imperfectly brave life.


Many of you know now that in January 2014, God called me to start writing and through so much wrestling and loads of quiet, God brought me to Imperfectly Brave. It’s a call for us to redefine bravery — a call that could completely transform our lives. The book is at the publisher now and I pray one thing over it — GOD. While spending lots of time typing, God asked me to form a prayer group. A small group of us committed to gathering once a week to do nothing else but pray, and it has transformed us, our families and our churches. Imperfectly Brave became a part of each of us — and now we want to bring it to the world. We believe that if we fervently prayed that God would deliberately open our eyes.


Now, we want to put it in your hands. We want Him to wake up our city — and quite possibly our world. Yes, the world — we want to taste Him and keep remembering how good He is with women around the world (no small dream, we know — but its not our dream — it’s Gods, so there is peace — so much peace).


None of this just happened. Remember the pier and the waves that slam hard against the wood? Yeah, well, if God really does keep our tears in bottles and storehouses, He has shelves and shelves for His Kansas City Imperfectly Brave girls. The vision for Imperfectly Brave happened over wet cheeks, stripping us of countless struggles, revealing our scars and being bound up again. Couches became sacred places to pour out in surrender — but even moreseo, our callings became holy again.


I want this for you. We want this for you. But really, and all I really care about — God wants this for you.


On, October 16-17, the first ever Imperfectly Brave weekend will happen in Kansas City. God is already doing an incredible work in our city — and we are going to move where He is moving by gathering His girls and shaping us to be the loveliest, most committed servants of the one true King.


We will pour out our hearts united under the banner of Jesus, we will redefine bravery, we will listen, we will obey, we will pray. Women who attend will be launching pads for prayer groups — so that the one thing we can be doing — praying — will be become the very core of our lives. Next week the website will launch to register. Grab your girlfriends, or bravely come alone so you can sit and lock eyes with your the ONE TRUE KING.


We are praying miracles, we are praying for scales to be dropped from our eyes — from our hearts, from our lives — OUR VERY LIVES. We are praying for utter revival. Join us as you learn about your imperfectly brave life and pray with us that it could change our entire world.

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  1. This….”He is already weaving you in and is whispering to your soul. He most assuredly brought you here so that you can remember what you are called to ”

    I put off reading this post until now, and now with tears streaming down my face…Whitney, you have been such a blessing to me. I am so thankful that Chrystan shared your posts months ago. Thank you for listening to God’s calling and sharing it with all of us.

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