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Imperfectly Brave


From out of His robes, I see a stream, pulsing blue, rippling white, glimmering hope. I see colors I’ve never seen and a sound that sings new chords into the human heart. There I dip my hand into the brown dirt and move it around my fingers, knowing it is Kingdom dirt and with it holds purpose. I look to the right and there it stands – a tree so lovely, that I stare. And on this tree holds the leaves, the leaves that will heal the nations. That will turn us back to Him. Imperfectly Brave is about turning back to Him, healing our land, radically redefining our lives and fighting to have faith once again.


And it is coming to Kansas City.


I’m not anyone special. I feel very inadequate bringing this to us. That is why there is a team, a team of imperfectly brave warriors, we are bringing it to you — a Holy-Spirit weekend because we know God is longing for us to return. The world is aching for a love-drenched Savior and we get to bring Him to our neighborhoods, to our streets, to our fellow churches, to the missions around the world.


The God we serve is able, and He will. (Daniel 3:17)


If you have been following along, you know that this was never my own plan, but as God has wrecked my life starting in January 2014, He has written the dream on my heart. He is calling us to redefine our lives. He is asking us to form prayer groups. He wants us to listen and obey. He will be most glorified if we redefine.


Because what I do know: If we allow God to redefine us, He will redefine our cities.


“If we humble ourselves and pray, if we seek God’s face and turn from our wicked ways, then God would hear from heaven, forgive and heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14, influence added).


The world wants to give us our marching orders and it is getting exceedingly better and better at it. It whistles loud and blows over our minds to silence the very voice of God. Truth be told, God might seem silent to us, but He is not a silent God. He is moving constantly and He is always inviting us into the adventure — always. You have an adventure of a life awaiting you — you do have an imperfectly brave life to be lived.


And that life will be found nowhere else than under the banner of Jesus Christ.


The imperfectly brave weekend will be about discovering that life. In one weekend we will learn to redefine and then be spread out among our neighborhoods to continue to seek, so that we might continue to find. Out of that weekend, will come the promise of prayer, and with the promise of prayer, the promise of a God-unleashed life.


What would happen if a city of women met and prayed weekly? What would happen if we fought for faith? What would happen if we sought God’s counsel together — broken together to be bound up for Kingdom’s causes.




My darling girls, God is raising up an army and — even as I type these words — my heart is beating faster. You get to be a part of this. So do I. Our whole city does — and then hopefully our whole nation and quite possibly the whole world, because what if our posture really became one of surrender — body down, heart willing.


I pray that you join us. I pray that you bring your friends. I pray that you hear His still, small voice saying that, “Yes, you — yes, my girl, you are intended to be a part of this army.”


Join us at Enter into battle, warrior girl.

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