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I know there is one thing that will simplify, beautify and satisfy our lives. I know it because I have tasted it. Last week launched Imperfectly Brave in the middle of our country. It was a room packed full of women, filled with great big dreams and hopes, praying revival under a big round sun. We gathered, no one knowing what Imperfectly Brave is except a few. I giggle because nobody had ever heard me speak. Such a gamble.


All laughs aside, that night was a holy night. We all took our shoes off because we came to meet with God. I have decided if we are going to see revival, we better start treating God for who He is — a God to be feared and exalted. All weekend long – through anniversary celebrations (xoxo Michael) and church and girlfriends and babies with lots of energy – I thought about the women who attended the launch. I thought about the words they heard and the Jesus they felt and the Spirit thick in the room.


I thought about how weird I must have been at moments because at one point we sat in silence, locking eyes with Jesus. I rehashed all the words. I relived and critiqued and nit-picked myself – because tell me I am not the only one? As I started tearing apart every ounce of how the evening panned out, something came to mind. Let me be the fool for Christ. Yes, let me.


For so long, imperfectly brave has been something hidden deep in my heart. For over a year and a half, I have gotten up early, sought God, talked out loud to Him, cried and sang with Him and then wrestled into this place. I’m not even sure what this place is, except to know that when I got home from the launch, nothing has ever felt more satisfying. Knowing a room full of women sought God with all their hearts filled me to the tippy top of all my tops. (Note: my babies and my husband are extremely satisfying, but there is something different about this — this walking on water, this listening, this obeying that leaves me literally overflowed).


One friend told me what she thought of the evening and as she did, she said one thing that I will hold so close with me forever – and ever and ever. She said that someone leaned over and whispered in her ear —


“She has been with Jesus.”


You see, I could have said nothing of greatness. I could have read EIEIO and Jesus would have still leaked out. Because yes, I have been with Jesus. The world is craving ONE THING – YEA – ONE THING. It is to see God, meet with Him, experience Him and leave with more of Him. All people really want is God.


But most of the time we aren’t willing to give up what it takes to get with God. I know because I feel those places, too.


I don’t get with Jesus perfectly. Heavens, no. I mess up (I messed up big time this weekend and had to repent) but my getting with Jesus is the sweetest part of my day. And yes, I do love mornings, but I don’t love mornings so much that I get up singing as I walk down the stairs. I get up and head toward coffee because coffee is a good pair with the Bible. It is a tender relationship, really.


So, if we want to actually have a week worth living, we are going to get pin-pointedly focused. You are going to need one thing that doesn’t waver – you are going to need God.


Want to know my dream? What if we were an entire army of women that was known for one thing? What if our one thing was our driving thing? What if our one thing was simple and pure and life-changing? What if our one thing was that we were women marked by getting with God?


I do believe we would change our city. In fact, I absolutely know it. Oh girls, there are places for us this week and they are going to start with one thing – GOD.


Now, it is your turn. How do you get with Him? What are your special places? Come on, spill the beans!

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  1. I was telling my husband about the conference the next day and said to him, she is someone you can tell is really close to God! So true.
    I find myself closest to God in the morning with coffee, of course, worship music , meditation on Gods spirit with me and praying the distractions away so that nothing interupts my time. Thats when I feel I am the closest.

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